Cllr Ainsley Arnold, Gorsty hill Local Plan victory

The Secretary of State has backed Cheshire East Council’s Local Plan and dismissed a developer’s appeal to build 900 homes on a golf course.

The controversial scheme was for a mixed-use development including up to 900 new homes on the former Gorsty Hill golf course, near Crewe.

Today, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government backed Cheshire East’s position that planning permission be refused for the proposals.

In his decision letter, the Minister gave “significant weight” to the policies of the council’s recently adopted Local Plan for the protection of the countryside.

He also found that, via the adoption of the plan, the council is able to demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land.

The decision will boost those who are fighting development bids in Nantwich and other areas of South Cheshire.

The lack of a five-year housing supply has been an important factor in appeals being successful for unplanned development in the borough over recent years.

Cllr Ainsley Arnold (pictured), Cheshire East Council cabinet member for housing and planning, said: “We are absolutely delighted with this decision.

“It is a vindication of our stand against unplanned development.

“The Secretary of State has strongly backed the policies of the recently-adopted Local Plan.

“He has also agreed that the council is now able to demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land through the Local Plan.

“This is a very welcome return to plan-led decision making.

“It is also a ringing endorsement of the council’s efforts to put in place a robust, up-to-date Local Plan which gives the people of Cheshire East its best protection against unwelcome unplanned and unsustainable development.”


  1. Does anybody have contact details for the owners of gorsty would very much like to talk to them about possible sale to revert back to golf club would understand it would have to have some clause for future development buy back % etc

  2. ‘Politician uses the media to claim all the credit” shock! Well done to those of you who fought and are now feeling quietly satisfied. Ignore worthless acts of self promotion; CEC are currently subject to so much ridicule right now they’re desperate for any PR they can push out.

  3. Andy Bailey says:

    Hang on – what about the fight and points of law we as the Wychwood Village Community Group committee put forward? We raised valid points of law and were key rule 6 party members at the local enquiry. Although we understand the local plan housing need, this application historically went further than this and we must give the 1200 members / residents a massive thank you for their unwavering support. We have fought and lived with this for almost five years and many times had to challenge back Cheshire East, but in the main worked well together. We had legal protection before this application went before the council and that point was acknowledged by the Secretary of State. In the end it was a team effort and not all about this article being about the local plan and five year house supply, the decision was based on a lot more than this…

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