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Violent crime in Cheshire has risen by 18%, according to latest figures.

The Office of National Statistics says recorded crimes in Cheshire has increased in the past 12 months by 0.1%, the equivalent of 72 crimes.

And the data shows the biggest increase is in violent crime, rising by 18%, a total of 2,183 incidents.

Other types of crimes have fallen, including burglary down by 14% (794 fewer victims), vehicle offences down by 18.4% (790 fewer victims), and theft offences down by a 10.7% (2,164 fewer victims).

Cheshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Janette McCormick (pictured) said: “The increase in recorded crime is largely a result of a rise in the number of violent crimes, which has been seen by most police forces in England and Wales.

“One of the reasons behind this increase is national changes introduced to ensure consistency in how crimes are recorded.

“To meet the standards we have introduced dedicated staff to ensure crimes are recorded and categorised accurately.

“For example, incidents of disorder in a public area may have been categorised as anti-social behaviour rather than as a crime, and this new way of recording is now being reflected in our data – hence the increase in violent crime.

“Whilst it is disappointing to see any increase in crime in Cheshire, it is good to see the crime prevention work and targeted operations we have been doing to protect our communities are having an impact and we continue to see reductions in crimes that have the greatest impact on victims.”

Cheshire Police Crime CommissionerDavid Keane, cheshire police crime commissioner David Keane (right) said of the overall rise: “Whilst this will in part be due to an increased focus on bringing those who break the law to justice, work to improve public confidence to report crime and an enhanced rigour around recording crimes such as public order, any increase in crime and therefore victims, is a concern.

“My role is to hold the Chief Constable to account on your behalf in the most transparent and open manner possible.

“I have already had discussions with the Chief Constable to better understand the increase and any changes in crime trends in the county.

“My focus remains to ensure that the Chief Constable is delivering the best possible police service for our communities.”

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