travellers on Barony Park

Travellers who set up an illegal camp on Barony Park in Nantwich, have seemingly defied a court order to leave tonight (June 14).

Councillors said families were given until 5pm today to vacate the park after a court order was served by Cheshire East Council’s enforcement team.

But this was the scene at 8pm – at last half a dozen families still on the park, with more on nearby Volunteer Fields.

Some families were seen to leave earlier.

It emerged at tonight’s Nantwich Town Council meeting that the court order had been ‘fast-tracked’ after complaints and to allow a funeral procession from the park tomorrow.

A member of the family holding the funeral procession on Sandford Road, overlooking the park, angrily hit out at councillors at the meeting.

“Over 12 months ago people met up here asking for things to be done, yet they are still here,” he said.

“The park is a mess and it smells like a cesspit, yet Cheshire East Council just don’t want to know.

“I have a funeral going from my house tomorrow and we have to put up with this mess.”

However, town councillors said enforcement officers had acted swiftly to remove the travellers once they had arrived earlier this week.

Audlem Road - councillor Peter Groves, bypass planCllr Peter Groves (pictured) said: “I understand and share the frustrations of residents, but we have to act within the law.

“The senior enforcement team served a Section 77 notice for them to leave at some point before 5pm (today).

“They will be monitoring that. It’s a difficult issue to try and resolve, and this is happening all over the country, not just in Nantwich.”

Cllr David Marren, Mayor of Nantwich, added: “As soon as we knew about the travellers, we informed Cheshire East immediately and they acted as soon as they possibly could.”

Discussions have taken place over the past few months to consider solutions to prevent unauthorised vehicles accessing the park.

Ideas including building large grass mounds around the site, and using fencing.

But Cllr Groves added: “Some of the proposed solutions are just impossible, they would not work.

“We have looked at options, but it is very difficult to put something in place that would actually work and not make the park look like Fort Knox.”

Nantwich Town Council has issued its views on travellers during the current Government national review on powers dealing with unauthorised traveller encampments.

The consultation is examining council and police powers, court processes, trespass laws, planning enforcement, and provision of authorised sites.

travellers defy court order


  1. They are not welcome. 2 incidents witnessed today. First was verbal abuse to a man trying to park his car in town; the travellers van was blocking his way into the parking space. Van did not move and all the man got was a load of verbal abuse. Within 5 mins, another man caught them shoplifting from M&S and all he got was a load of abuse too. Dreadful, and all this on a Saturday morning in front of families.

  2. Thomas Jones says:

    Here we go again, never learn do you council folk?! Told you years ago what the council in Wales where I lived did.
    Never bothered again,
    Never mind quoting “TOO EXPENSIVE” “IDEAS DONT WORK” that’s cus you have non.

  3. Nothing will happen, the Local Authority and the Police will not prosecute….pointless as they have no fixed abode. They will leave when they feel like it and we will pick up the cost…happens every day of the week all over the Country….the laws need an overhaul

  4. They have far too many rights ,they don’t pay any tax,leave filth and rubbish all over the place.

    If you or I put a caravan or tent on there we would soon be moved off.

    There are too many do gooders in the world,if they like them so much give them a room in your house for the night.

    These are not proper travellers those people have pride, these are just free loaders on a permanent holiday.

    Get the bulldozers in and clear them off,or better still let’s all go and use the park for what it’s ment for,a good football of rugby match right in the middle of them.

    We should not avoid the area we should use it and make them feel uncomfortable not us we live here.

  5. Not all travellers are that bad, theres nothing stopping them from coming here maybe if they wanted to settle down then they would have it’s there way of living so what try and stop them!

    • If they want to live in their caravans and move around the country fine – no problem with that. But either buy some land to put them on or get permission from whoever owns it first. Everyone else has to do this whether they live in a house, a boat, a caravan or whatever.

  6. Cathy mcnally says:

    Why can’t they show some respect,what’s going to be an horrendous day for the poor family,will only be made worse by the filth and scum parked opposite their home,absolutely horrendous,something needs to be done 😡😡

  7. In my view and it’s the view of many, these travelling people have far too many rights. They cause mess and destruction and don’t pay their way.

  8. If the court order came into effect at 5pm, at 6pm they should send in a bulldozer to shift the caravans. If they need a driver, feel free to contact me.

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