Jepsons menswear store in Nantwich - pic by Michael Garlick under creative commons licence

An angry Nantwich store boss told how a gang of four men stole hundreds of pounds of items and assaulted the 66-year-old owner as he gave chase.

Phil Hinton, manager of Jepsons menswear on Hospital Street, said furious staff chased after the gang who they believe were part of the unauthorised travellers group on Barony Park.

The incident happened at around 2pm on Friday (July 12) when three men aged 18-20 and an older man in his 40s entered the store.

Phil said the men chose around seven garments and while they were being folded at the till, one of the men grabbed the garments and they all walked out of the shop.

One member of staff said they heard the men utter “this is how we shop” as they ran off.

“They picked up the stuff and just walked out without paying,” added Phil.

“Two of our staff chased them, including the 66-year-old owner of the store.

“They caught them and got the stuff back, but the owner was also hit around the back of the head by one of these younger men. He was basically assaulted!

“Nothing has been done by the police. We reported it immediately, a traffic officer called in by chance later as he’d heard it on the radio.”

He said no officers had been out to take details and descriptions, check the pictures we took, our CCTV by 10.30am on Saturday.

“I’m very disappointed with the reaction to be honest, and they are basically going to get away with it,” he added.

Phil managed to follow the men back to the Barony Park.

“The father of these lads even rang the shop later that afternoon, claiming we had discriminated against them. Unbelievable!” he added.

“The evening before, two of them had been in I guess to scout out the shop. It was very quiet at that point as it was about 5pm.

“So they were surprised to see us fully staffed on Friday afternoon – presumably they thought they’d come into a quiet shop, but we were fully staffed thankfully.”

Nantwich Police said today (July 17): “Officers attended at the shop on Monday (July 15), a statement has been obtained, CCTV viewed although not yet provided by the staff, investigation ongoing to identify the suspects.

“No injuries were suffered to victim who pursued and challenged the suspects.

“It’s unfortunate there wasn’t an immediate response but as stated a passing patrol was flagged down at the time and spoke with staff.”

(Pic by Michael Garlick under creative commons licence)


  1. I feel sorry for hard working people who are trying to run business in the present economic climate. When we have itinerant people who tip our town up parking illegally on Barony Park and Love Lane car park, and have no respect for the people of Nantwich, and nothing seems to happen.

  2. Kay Morgan says:

    I had a high end shop twenty years ago, and after episodes of similar events like this decided to lock the shop and fit a bell.
    Worked a treat, as only good customers would come in, leaving thieves with a barrier to their antics.

    Everyone said what a good idea it was, it offended no one, business thrived, and zero stock was then lost to no marks.

  3. The poor reaction from the police is, unfortunately, to be expected, as is the behaviour of the travellers.
    This situation is only likely to deteriorate further as the source of the problem goes unchecked and the travellers’ lawless antics become even more brazen.
    Again, unfortunately, we are forced to defend our own property and loved ones….Tony Martin. Cowards!
    Best wishes to Chris, Phil and the team. Bravo.

  4. The Galloping Major says:

    The reaction and response from Cheshire police is decidedly not good enough. We appear to be living in a lawless town. It is about time this changed. Should we have to put up with this appalling service or is it time for the PCC one David Keane to start earning his salary?
    My very best wishes to the Jepson staff- good show !

  5. Yea well the police have got more important things to do like eeerrrrrrrmm🤔. Eeerrrrrrrrrm. What is it the police do !!!

  6. Probably too busy at a pride event.

  7. How is it possible that they manage to lower police numbers in the area with budget cuts but the council are still able to play monopoly property developers with B&Q. Does ask some questions of what the United Kingdom has become. Shambles

  8. The police were probably having afternoon tea and posting pictures on Twitter.
    Hope the store owner is okay.

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