tree bowers row car park

A protected tree in the centre of Nantwich is to be removed, Cheshire East Council has confirmed.

The iconic horse chestnut tree in Bowers Row car park has been deemed “unsafe” by specialists.

It’s thought it has been dying for some time after suffering from a moth infestation.

Now after inspections, it is to be removed in the next few weeks.

A spokeswoman for Cheshire East Council said: “The chestnut tree in Bowers Row car park is protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

“But it has been recently assessed and is deemed to be exempt from the order due to its condition and safety concerns.

“Weather permitting, the tree is scheduled for removal in the coming weeks and a replacement tree of a different species will be replanted in the same location.

“This replacement will be planted during the Autumn.”

(Images courtesy of Google Street View)

iconic tree in bowers row car park


  1. What disappointing news this is! I hope the decision to fell is based on independent advice although I’ve feared this outcome for a while. The presence of this magnificent tree has probably helped to prevent the site from being redeveloped, and I hope its removal does not signal a rush to build here.
    The tree makes a huge contribution to the character of this space and I agree with May when she says that the replacement should be worthy of the original. I would expect a semi-mature specimen at least in this location, along with adequate tree pit preparation and protection. And please choose a similarly large forest species rather than, for example , an ornamental flowering cherry.

  2. I bet it is not half as dangerous as the trees on Mill Island which regularly drop very large branches!

  3. I hope the replacement will be as Grande a species. A Tree of such grandeur deserves to be filled with a fitting replacement. No tiddlers please.

  4. Ive got several baby oaks and walnuts looking for a good home

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