Mayor of Crewe Cllr Benn Minshull - shoe recycling hub

A children’s shoe recycling hub is being launched in South Cheshire with support from housing association The Guinness Partnership and charity Sal’s Shoes.

The hub will collect and redistribute school shoes to children living in the Crewe area.

Based in the St Paul’s Centre, it will provide items free of charge to families in need and reduce the amount of good quality shoes that end up in landfill.

Cheryl, St Paul’s Centre Lead, said: “Over the 30 years of St Paul’s Centre’s existence we have many a tale to tell of those debilitated through poverty – whether it’s no beds to sleep in, no food on the table or clothes for children to wear.

“Records from 20 years ago show we couldn’t help one secondary boy get to school because we didn’t have any footwear his size.

“However, in 2020 we will be able to provide footwear for children of all ages.

“In recent years St Paul’s Centre has worked with The Guinness Partnership by providing furniture and food for tenants in the Crewe area who are struggling financially.

“It is wonderful that we are now providing footwear too.”

Catriona Simons, Group Chief Executive of The Guinness Partnership, said: “Many families struggle to buy essentials such as children’s shoes.

“We welcome the chance to partner with Sal’s Shoes and St Paul’s Centre to ensure that children don’t go without, and don’t feel self-conscious about not having the things that some of their classmates will be able to take for granted.”

CJ Bowry, founder of Sal’s Shoes, said: “There are 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s nine children in a classroom of 30.

“With 1 in 10 families going further into debt to pay for children’s school clothes, we’re delighted to be able to help foot the bill for children in need in Crewe.”

Accessing Sal’s Shoes will be run on a referral basis, similar to furniture and foodbank projects.

St Paul’s work with Crewe agencies such as children’s centres, schools, health visitors, family services and Children in Need.

The hub has been launched with initial funding from The Guinness Partnership and support from local and national partners including Sal’s Shoes.

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  1. Pat Robinson says:

    Should really give the address where shoes can be dropped off or local collection point to save a trip to Crewe

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