police - CCTV shop and business crime

Police are trialling a new scheme which will allow shops and businesses in Crewe and Nantwich, which have been victims of crime, to upload evidence straight to the police website.

The pilot launched last week (August 21) in Crewe and Widnes.

If it is found to benefit them, it will see a county-wide roll out.

The new system will allow shops and businesses to upload CCTV and witness statements straight to an online portal via the police website.

It will make the process of retrieving information simpler and more efficient, providing cost savings for businesses and the Constabulary.

The Initial Investigation Team within the Constabulary’s public contact will use the portal to assess the quality of CCTV and progress the investigation accordingly.

Inspector Alex Cairns said: “Previously when a business has reported a crime to police where there was CCTV or other footage of the incident, we would have to send someone to physically collect the material and take a witness statement.

“The new online portal really will make a significant difference to the efficiency of investigating these crimes.

“The evidence can be uploaded and viewed at a convenient time for both the business and the police – freeing up officers time to spend more time in their communities making Cheshire even safer.”

When a crime is reported, businesses will be sent a link to the online portal where they can then submit their evidence, they will also be sent a guide on how to complete their submission.

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