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Nantwich Pool users are worse off than swimmers across Cheshire East – because of a car parking anomaly.

Now a town councillor is pushing for Cheshire East Council and leisure bosses to redress the balance.

It comes after it emerged users of the revamped Nantwich Pool on Wall Lane have to pay for parking on Snow Hill as well their pool entry fee.

But in other towns, including affluent Wilmslow, pool users are refunded their parking fee.

councillor David MarrenCllr David Marren (pictured) said: “This difference has caused me some concern.

“Users of the swimming pool have to pay an entrance fee and also for car parking. I knew that used to be the case under C&NBC and the argument for doing it was previously acceptable to me, but no longer.

“I have just found out that users of Wilmslow Leisure Centre get their £1 car parking fee refunded!

“Now that’s good for them, but if it’s good enough for Wilmslow, it is good enough for Nantwich. It’s just plain unfair at the moment.”

The plan for the new lifestyle centre at Crewe is the same – users of the new centre will get their parking ticket money refunded.

“Without doubt, if car park refunds can be given in Wilmslow and in Crewe, then I demand the same treatment for users of Nantwich Pool,” he added.

Cllr Marren said he is to meet the chief executive of the Everybody Leisure Trust (which runs Nantwich Pool) and Cheshire East’s head of communities to resolve the issue.

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  1. Alistair Raisbeck says:

    OK, but why why doesn’t Nantwich have FREE parking like other parts of Cheshire East?

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