Nantwich town square, 2015 Nantwich Jazz Fest

Mill Street could be gated off to stop heavy goods delivery wagons accessing Nantwich town square, it has emerged.

Residents have complained about the growing number and size of delivery vehicles coming into the town centre.

The problem was discussed by Nantwich town councillors earlier this week.

Suggestions to cut down on them included a traffic order prohibiting them from delivering between certain hours, although the council clerk said this would very difficult to impose.

Other councillors suggested installing a gate across Mill Street access, similar to the Pepper Street entry off Beam Street.

Douglas Bowyer-Bates, Nantwich Town CouncilCllr Douglas Bowyer-Bates, (pictured, right) said: “Some residents feel there should be more control of delivery traffic in the main part of the town centre, but how do you stop these vehicles coming in when cars are driving in?”

Cllr John Lewis added: “People should be stopped from driving through the town centre. If signs were up saying private cars not allowed, that might be a step forward.

“The size of some of these delivery lorries or huge, and they often park up for half an hour.”

There is currently an order in place prohibiting traffic using Pepper Street on three days of the week, with a gate.

And the entry into High Street from Oatmarket is longer viable with street furniture and bollards in place.

Cllr David Marren added: “Mill Street could be gated, and there could be an order in place there to stop delivery vehicles accessing the town square.”

The town council agreed it would approach Cheshire East Council to discuss the issue and any potential orders that could be imposed.

Cllr Arthur Moran said: “Cheshire East has done a good job on the square repairing paving, we don’t want this damaged.

“There used to be retractable bollards on Mill Street which prevented large vehicles on certain days. These vehicles are a problem, with the backs crashing down on to the paving just to drop off a box or two.

“The simple answer is to stop heavy goods vehicles accessing the town square altogether. We should pursue this.”


  1. Residents n&l says:

    I expect there will be somewhere on the roads allocated for these deliveries then? This would lead to traffic congestion which is bad enough already.
    Also, let’s consider the small business owners who rely on these deliveries.

  2. Good idea! Delivery drivers think they can park wherever they like regardless of the problems they cause to other traffic and pedestrians. There are plenty of examples of towns and cities which prohibit traffic from the centre. Rising bollards, lowered electronically only for vehicles which have a permit, is another solution. Nantwich is also plagued by “disabled” drivers and people using their badges illegally. They also often park without consideration for other users.

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