CCTV - wrecked planter with all flowers destroyed by teenagers

Police have confirmed five teenagers have been traced and questioned over vandalism to Nantwich town centre flowers and planters.

One boy and four girls – aged between 14 and 16 – were traced after officers reviewed CCTV images of the damage caused in the town square and Pepper Street.

The damage, revealed by Nantwich News over the weekend, sparked anger among hundreds of residents after hard work by tireless Nantwich In Bloom volunteers was wrecked.

Now police have confirmed they have spoken to those identified via CCTV images and their parents.

A spokesman said: “One male and four females all aged between 14 and 16 have now been positively identified from town centre CCTV.

“Officers are in the process of speaking to each of them with their parents and have met with council and Nantwich In Bloom representatives.

“Due to the ages of those involved they will not be named.

“The parents spoken to have been supportive of the police and are rightly disappointed by their child’s behaviour.

“They have agreed to whatever disposal is necessary and have offered to pay to cover the cost of replanting.”

(CCTV image courtesy of Nantwich Police)


  1. How long do law abiding people have to put up with “too young to name for legal reasons” nonsense. Vandalism, theft, criminal damage, assault and worse cannot justifiably be covered up. They are old enough to commit the crime, why should age give them the right to get away with it!!.

  2. Would be good to show pictures of the culprits to set examples and deter others

    • Penny Harris says:

      Jane you cannot do that, they are too young to name and shame. It’s probably illegal anyway.
      That’s a parents job, and I doubt they are having a good summer, reckon they are grounded till Easter!!

  3. Jo Thomas says:

    In 2014 I weeded an overgrown bed in the town, never tidy before, and carefully planted red poppies to commemorate the First World War. It took four hours.
    I visited it the following week only to see that council workers had dug up the entire bed and planted awful marigolds.

    I felt my guts had been wrenched out so was the sheer disappointment, I have never bothered again

    Now to those young people who have done this, you have done exactly the same to these brilliant volunteers who have made our town special

    All done freely with love.

    Time you learnt the same lesson, give back your time to the community

  4. Jed Stone says:

    This is very sad, the volunteers work on the flowers in all weathers for the good of the community and businesses in the town attracting revenue from tourism and the residents.
    We need the income to thrive, and benefit us all
    Without them the area would be very unloved, and result in a boring ordinary heartless place to live.

    Quite rightly their parents will be mortified, and I would suggest those guilty of these actions go along with parents to the floral and litter picking dates to learn how to be a proper human being!!

  5. Stephen Foxley says:

    Tell them just how angry they have made people of nantwich by their mindless vandalism

  6. Gordon j Morrell says:

    Should make them weed all the streets in nantwich having a word with there parents is no punishment what a joke

  7. Punish them. It’s the only way they’ll learn. Take their phones from them for 12 mths

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