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Crewe bus station is an “absolute disgrace” and needs urgent attention before someone is hurt or even killed.

That was the stark warning made to councillors by Carol Jones of the Crewe and District Bus Users Group, which has monitored health and safety at the station over the past two years.

She told Cheshire East Council’s environment and regeneration overview and scrutiny committee that one part of the driver’s quarters has now been cordoned off as a health risk, after dead pigeons, rats and mice were found there – along with their droppings.

Carol also told members the station is plagued by leaks, warned that the roof – which is hit by cracks in places – could collapse if action is not taken to fix it.

“This has been going on and I have seen in the last three weeks that the bus station has got worse,” she said.

Crewe bus station 1“It is an absolute disgrace and the way that the drivers are coping with their restrooms, their toilets, they have got water leaking down, they have got the lot.

“I know that there are discussions about putting the bus station right. I just want the people of Crewe to be safe on that bus station because at the moment they are not.

“I know you are regenerating [Crewe town centre] and I know it depends on the developers, but separately, please look at that bus station.

“Because one day the roof is going to fall in and it is going to kill somebody – and I really don’t want that to happen, especially as Crewe and District Bus Users have been plodding on regarding Crewe bus station for the past two years.”

Crewe bus station is owned by Cheshire East Council and leased by Arriva.

A spokesman for Arriva said: “Redevelopment work at Crewe bus station has been under way for some time.

“Arriva takes all matters relating to health and safety extremely seriously and hopes to have this matter resolved in the near future.”

Cheshire East Council has been approached for comment.

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  1. Jed thomas says:

    There’s must be at the very least a call for volunteers to help, it’s a third world site and not fit for purpose.
    It brings the town into disrepute
    I was walking somewhere near Badger Avenue today and was staggered to see expensive slabs laid as paving, that would look in keeping in a five star resort.
    Why they were being laid before tackling a scruffy street first was anyone’s guess.

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