nantwich show cancelled by organisers due to ground conditions

Nantwich Show has been cancelled because of ground conditions caused by heavy rains, organisers have revealed.

They met with insurers and other stakeholders for emergency talks today and took the decision to call it off.

It follows heavy rain all weekend and more heavy rain forecast tonight (July 30).

In a statement by Nantwich Agricultural Society, they said: “This has been a very hard decision to make with so many variables taken into account.

“But the site is simply unsafe for any more vehicles to enter and areas totally inaccessible due to the weather.”

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce has also cancelled tonight’s pre-show business reception.

Organisers said the cheese pavilion will be open tomorrow (July 31) and entry will be free as there is lots of cheese to sell and taste.

If people have chefs theatre tickets, these are still valid, need to bring them. Gates open 9am and close 4pm.

If people have VP tickets or already paid for lunch this is still on.

For ticket refunds, information will be on the Nantwich Show website within next five days, at

Ticket holders are advised to check with their vendors if they can manage refunds direct to them.

Next year, organisers hope to run the Show over two days at a weekend.

mud bath - nantwich show cancelled
mud bath – Nantwich Show cancelled


  1. Cant even run a website either by the looks of it.

  2. Karen Pickering says:

    How do I get my ticket price refunded

  3. I was there yesterday at the International Cheese Show, the organisers were doing their best but even before the rain hit, vehicles and trailers were stuck in the mud and needing extra help and pushes! The car park was not really accessible by cars other then 4×4’s and despite the haybales being thrown down to soak up the excess water it was still very boggy. This is not a decision that will have been taken lightly but visitor safety is paramount and hopefully next year the Public day will return.

  4. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!!

  5. What a great pity. I was really looking forward to visiting it but I totally understand the reason for its cancellation.

    I feel very sorry for everyone who has spent so much time and effort getting this year’s show organised.

    I look forward to visiting in 2020.

  6. I was looking forward to going..Then Remembered How Expensive it Was to Enter..

  7. Celia Edge says:

    This is very bad news for those who have worked hard to be ready for a show. I was looking forward to visiting myself, will I get a refund for my ticket or be able to use it for a later show.

  8. Disgusting at how last minute this decision has been made, all the event people will already be there and set up, people will have already booked accommodation and in transit to the event not to mention the ticket sales, we have had worse wetter years than this, it make me wonder if its been cancelled because of lack of judges due to Wright Marshall cattle side dispersing.

    • This decision has absolutely nothing to do with Wright Marshall. The organisers of this wonderful show have had a very difficult decision to cancel. Thousands of people have been affected but hopefully they will understand. I hope that people will still visit the cheese tent to support them. It takes a year to organise this show & a lot of work which is appreciated.

    • Can’t believe your comments… Have you seen the weather, I am sure that the organisers have tried their best to keep it open as it’s will cost them £0000s how can they give people more notice they are not god and can’t predict the weather. Perhaps you should have kept an eye on the weather as I did and decided to not go at the weekend as I knew it would be far too muddy with the days or biblical westher. If anyone has travel insurance they should be bke to claim their travel and accommodation as the organisers seem to have insured themselves as well.

    • The.mind boggles at this moment

  9. Cheryl Billington says:

    Do you know how we get a refund for our tickets ??

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