pic 4 man assaults girl_censored

Police say there will be no further action against a man allegedly seen knocking a schoolgirl to the ground in the street in Nantwich.

A video circulating on social media has been seen by thousands showing the incident.

In it, the man who is walking with a stick seemingly leans in to shoulder charge the young schoolgirl to the ground as she is walking in the opposite direction on Beam Street.

The girl, who is walking with two friends and who are all in school uniform, gets back to her feet and appears unhurt in the incident.

The video also shows the man seemingly remonstrate with the girls, raising his stick at them as they walk away.

The incident – captured on CCTV from a nearby building and forwarded to Nantwich News – has caused anger on social media.

We have taken screendshots from the video to show the incident, rather than the video itself.

This is to allow us to pixelate the schoolgirls’ faces and protect their identity.

PC Matt Stonier, of Nantwich Police, said: “Officers at Nantwich are aware of a video circulating online that shows an incident involving a local schoolgirl appearing to be knocked to the ground by an older male.

“The schoolgirls in the footage have been identified and the parents of the girl involved have been spoken to.

“The victim and her parents do not wish for the police to take any further action against the male in the footage. He has now been traced and spoken too by officers.

“We would ask that should incidents like this be witnessed that they are reported to the police so that an investigation can take place and those involved safeguarded at the earliest opportunity.”

pic 2 man assaults girl_censored

Girls walking towards man with stick

pic 3 man assaults girl_censored

man appears to lean towards girl and hit his arm

pic 4 man assaults girl_censored

Girl is hit by the man

pic 5 man assaults girl_censored

Impact knocks girl to the hard concrete pavement

pic 7 man assaults girl_censored

girl on the floor but thankfully not seriously hurt

pic 8 man assaults girl_censored

girl scrambles to her feet as her friends look on in disbelief

pic 9 man assaults girl_censored

Girls flee as man raises his stick at them


  1. The problem is the public now are either deep in conversation or glued to their mobile phones, hello, you are not the only people out here!

    Try just stopping dead yourself for once then these folk have to alter their walk to suit the situation, as its usually me finding a safe route to avoid a clash.

  2. It’s the old story of “give and take”! When I was at school the Head used to announce at assembly, from time to time, that we should consider the people from the village where the school was located and step off the kerb, rather than force them onto the roadway. It is extremely difficult nowadays to walk along Pillory Street without having to allow the oncoming schoolchildren, walking two abreast, enough space to continue unhindered.

  3. I counted four paving slabs where five people were walking, that’s quite a tight squeeze for two way traffic.
    Glad to see an end to it for all involved, and hope know one bears a grudge.
    It’s a sad fact that once you are past 50yrs you become invisible in many ways, time for more pleasantness it costs nothing

    • Unknown 2245 says:

      You weren’t there you do t know what happens he is a nasty man and he should be punished but he is not he was swearing at me and pointing his stick at us so don’t be so quick to judge look at the perspective of us my friend was seriously hurt

      • Define seriously hurt? I read the police had spoken to all involved and no further action taken.

        It’s called life, someone needs to get a grip here, worse things are happening daily, for example a pensioner losing £10,000 life savings.

  4. I have read comments on social media about this incident, and was quite saddened at the nastiness. If you were not there it’s hard to make judgement, as many things could have happened.
    My guess is the girl passed quickly at close range to the elderly gentleman and he was spooked or knocked off balance by the encounter. I think younger people forget how hard it is for the elderly to get about on sticks.There are two sides to every story we should not be too fast to offer judgement, sadly this is Nantwich now, too much rage and impatience, time to consider others more.

  5. miss c.tilley says:

    there are two sides of story yet people are quick to judge I am not saying what he did was right as I am his daughter I know what he can be like as a person I too have to rely on stick for ablement yet I too get pushed or knocked yet people can have no consideration young or old as I said I am not console what he did or agree but as the police or anyone involed are not taking any further I kindly ask to keep your comments to yourself it is now old news its been dealt with thank you

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