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Dear Editor
My supplier (E-on next) contacted me yesterday (19th) to tell me what they were increasing my monthly DD too.

In simple terms they were putting it up by £124 per month (84%) from the level I paid in March 2022.

I had previously upped my payment for April and if they had taken it on time my account would have been £39 in credit.

I have asked why they have not taken the payment at 15th April even with Easter possibly causing a delay and await their reply.

I had also planned to make an interim payment to further increase my credit and build it up for next winter.

When my current supplier took over my account last October/November the transfer to them was a credit of £334 from my previous supplier who ceased trading.

On going to my account on their website it won’t allow me to reduce the monthly payment they have set.

It is interesting to note that Gas Futures at 31st March was £300 per therm and at 19th April it had fallen to £171-50 per therm.

When this will be reflected in prices charged remains to be seen.

It is hoped that you will pass this on to your readers as the TV Financial Experts have advised the public not to accept the huge level of payments being proposed by suppliers especially as summer is on the horizon and this could allow a slow build up of credit for next winter.


Chris Moorhouse


  1. Well this has aged like milk with today’s October price rise news. Good luck opposing that price rise.

  2. Chris Moorhouse says:

    Ofgen are now investigating the energy companies for the point I was making in this article.
    After a number of emails and phone calls I made a payment over the phone as they could not explain why my DD had not been taken.
    They have now accepted my April DD payment level is ok.

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