Artist Impression of Crewe Market Hall

Dear Editor,
I used to have a butcher’s stall in Crewe Market Hall. It was a very busy market, inside and out.

Now Cheshire East have spent an unbelievable £3 MILLION to turn the Market Hall into a food and drinking hall.

What on earth was all that money spent on?

All they have done is gutted the middle part and refurbished (yet again) the stalls on the perimeter.

There is very little retail in there. It has been open for less than a year.

There are still six stalls vacant and some of the original tenants have already left because they can’t make it pay.

Cheshire East has the touch of death about them. Everything they touch…….

Also the outside maket traders have been spread around the town centre.

They are no longer outside the market hall (as they are in Nantwich).

This has resulted in a poorer and less vibrant outside market in Crewe as well.

What do people think of the new Market Hall and the spread out outside Market? Have you been? What do you think?

Will it bring people into the town? Nantwich Market has traders queuing up to get in there, inside and out.

It is a proper market, all retail, with all the sounds and smells you associate with a good market.

If Nantwich can do it, why not Crewe?

Why must Crewe always be left behind?

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First


  1. We went to the market last Friday evening before seeing a show at the Lyceum. Fantastic atmosphere. Market full of young and old spending money and enjoying a vibrant and safe atmosphere.
    This has got to be way forward for Crewe. This is what the rest of the country is doing.
    Stop living in the past.

  2. I personally like it, I have been in there a number of times. I enjoy the different foods and the vibrant night life offered with the entertainment at the weekend.

    Its a safe environment to enjoy an evening with friends. Something Nantwich road is not able to offer.

    I also enjoy browsing the guest stalls at the weekend.

    Times have moved on and the town needs to do the same.

    Markets are mainly used by the elderly and so having the market in a central place makes sense. I work in Nantwich and the indoor market seems to be doing ok, but not brilliantly. With the emergence of bargain stores such and Home & Bargain, B&M, more people use these than markets.

    I think imposing negativity on our already run down town rather than looking at the benefits of a safe place to drink, eat, and be entertained is very short sighted and possibly a little envious of the fact that it was not done under someone elses watch!

  3. Fully agree Dave. There are elections next year. Those that have created the debacle that is Crewe need to be thrown out.

  4. I absolutely agree – its full of undifferentiated street food type stalls. I’ve been in twice. There is nothing for me there…there is no reason for me to go back.

    There is nothing there that says ‘Crewe’, or even ‘Cheshire’. Where is the deli selling local cheeses and meats? Where is the butchers? The bakers? All the other bits that make a market a market?

    What we have is a fairly dull food hall full of offerings that are are duplicated in multiple shops across Crewe. Its a major missed opportunity.

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