A500 closed - highways roadworks sign (pic by Jonathan White)

Dear Editor,
The closure of Middlewich Road is causing total traffic chaos and gridlock in Crewe.

This can’t be allowed to continue for 80 WEEKS. Why will it take so long?

To just build some roads and some roundabouts?

What exactly are they doing?

Cheshire East has not even had the courtesy to tell us that.

Cheshire East need to re-think this and quickly.

It is putting lives at risk because of the additional time it takes to get to the hospital.

What provisions have been made for ambulances to get to the hospital in minutes?

If a major incident happened, will the road be opened on a temporary basis?

Why was Pyms Lane allowed to close before the all these road works were completed?

Are the contractors working 24/7?

Are there substantial penalty clauses in the contract for over running time?

So many questions………… but as usual no answers from Cheshire East.

The way that it is usually done, is to build half the roundabout then divert the traffic around that whilst building the other half but CEC don’t care about the impact they are having on people’s lives.

No need to shut anything if they did all the internal roads & roundabouts first then systematically swapped them over.

Those living in streets like West Street, Minshull New Road etc., (which drivers are using as alternative routes, not the crazy very long alternative route that the Council suggests) will be in a living nightmare for 80 weeks.

This is totally unacceptable.

Cheshire East……..you need to re-think this whole project ……and quickly.

People will stop coming into the town unless they really have to……. and that will a devastating impact on the retailers and other businesses in Crewe.

Yours faithfully

Cllr. Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First

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  1. Chris Moorhouse says:

    I understand there is a site meeting this afternoon (Friday) with Councillors attending. It is believed this is a result of the many complaints made.

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