stroke - Some of the Snowdon walkers prepeare to setoff on a fitness training walk (1)

Members of a stroke survivors group in South Cheshire are preparing to scale Snowdon on Saturday July 2.

Eleven walkers will take part in the walk to raise money for the Stroke Survivors Speech & Language Support Groups in Crewe and Alsager.

The walk will involve inspiring people, some of whom have disabilities.

Chris, aged 55, a stroke survivor, is pushing himself and is trying to raise a lot of money for the group.

He is also wanting to raise awareness of what can be achieved if you push yourself and remain positive after surviving a stroke.

Dan, 21, was born with cerebral palsy and lives his life to the full and supports the Crewe group with his fun, enthusiastic and loving nature. His grandad survived a stroke six years ago.

Joseph, 22, has autism and can find life very challenging, but he loves to help other people so has been training hard to conquer the mountain.

Gary, 56, is the husband to our founder and lead volunteer Liz and he likes to support his wife’s efforts for the incredible survivors.

Sophie, 21, works in care at Richmond Village in Nantwich and she sees first hand how a stroke can devastate an individual. Her Grandad survived a stroke six years ago.

Abi, 23, is a school nurse in Liverpool. She wants to challenge herself by doing this for our members.

Mollie, 19, is Dan’s girlfriend and would like to support us by climbing Snowdon.

Cam, 22, is Sophie’s boyfriend and has recently become a volunteer for our Crewe Group.

Faye, 48, wants to challenge herself with her love of walking and wants to support the groups.

Hope, 18, is looking forward to walking as a team and enjoys supporting others.

Jack, 19, is also looking forward to walking with his girlfriend Hope and supporting survivors.

Stroke Survivors Speech & Language Support Groups are based at Union Street Baptist Church on Union Street in Crewe (Tuesdays, 11am) and The Thirteen Club in Alsager (Thursdays, 10.30am).

The groups help stroke survivors in Cheshire East and surrounding areas with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Liz Bedson, founder, of the groups, said: “I am personally grateful to each of our courageous walkers.

“It started out as my husband Gary wanted to challenge himself to walking up Snowdon and now others are taking his lead and challenging themselves.”

Chris, a stroke survivor, said: “I discovered the Stroke Survivors Speech & Language Support Groups by accident.

“Liz personally understands the experience and has established the group to allow every participant to enjoy and challenge themselves while being among people in the same situation.”

Sessions run in six week blocks, then have two weeks off.

For further information contact Liz Bedson on 07852826582 or email [email protected]

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