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Creating and developing a business online, as well as working remotely, requires increased concentration and responsibility for every step.

To maintain healthy relations in the working team even at a distance, it is necessary to choose a platform that organizes high-quality online communication and is comfortable for each participant of the project.

Features of iMind that clients appreciate

Each platform has its own secrets of attractiveness and success.

iMind offers its users a complex approach to on-line communication: systematic approach consists in combining video conference with iMind chat for business.

Depending on the tariff, an online meeting can last from 4 to 24 hours and the whole video conference can be recorded and saved.

The advantage of iMind is that there are no limits on the recording duration, so the colleagues do not have to interrupt the meeting at an important moment so they do not miss any important information in the future video.

This is especially important for enterprises and businessmen discussing large-scale projects or conducting important meetings online, because here every word and full concentration during the meeting plays a valuable role.

Also iMind has an opportunity to provide screen access to all participants of a video conference for more engagement.

At the same time, users don’t have to worry about whether they can join the meeting quickly.

The platform has formed a simple sign-in process so that customers can join an important meeting or discussion in a single click on the links.

If your mobile device doesn’t have enough memory to download the app, you can log in to the video conference from your browser, with access set up for both iOS and Android.

Because of this convenience in using the platform, many consider it the No. 1 service in the IT market for online communications.

How do video conferences and business chats in iMind improve business efficiency?

The important advantage of iMind is the participation of every employee in the working process.

The company’s productivity and efficiency increase due to the following tools:

● All meeting participants can have access to screen editing and chat. This allows employees to share their ideas, comment and make changes to their colleagues’ documents and work as an online team for better results.

● The company director or project organizer can set a common goal for all participants, and form a bonus gift or financial reward for the best result. Thus, even in the online mode, competition will develop between employees, and everyone will show their maximum potential.

● Thanks to the online chat, the project manager can set not only a team, but also individual goals for each participant. Files and documents with tasks can be dropped in the chat or shown on the screen. This approach speeds up the achievement of the goal, because the worker can immediately specify unclear points and discuss the terms of the task in detail.

● Motivation increases when employees experience competition. At iMind, another way to create healthy competition in the team is to divide it into several individual rooms. The project manager can give several tasks to each group, and since there will be an imaginary “struggle” between colleagues for effective solutions, the overall performance will pleasantly surprise the whole team.

Working and developing a business online requires a great deal of responsibility.

Therefore, it is important to choose a work team communication platform that can facilitate common tasks.

Satisfied and productive customers choose iMind for this purpose.

Join them and achieve productive results!

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