Katie (left) and Vikki - Barmouth fundraiser

A man from Stapeley in Nantwich aims to walk all the way to Barmouth on the Welsh west coast in memory of his sister who has died from cancer.

Neil Stockton wants to raise money for Cancer Research after the disease cut short his big sister Katie’s life.

And he’s chosen to walk almost 80 miles to the town in Wales where they spent many of their happy childhood family holidays together.

Neil said: “Like many families and lives, our own little bubble has been challenged by cancer over the years.

“My incredible ‘wifee’ does so everyday and we are grateful to be given time to make beautiful memories as a family.

“Sadly, not everyone gets extra time as we struggled last year when my big sister Katie passed after such a short battle with this illness.

“So it was time for me to set a goal, do something that matters and ultimately raise some money and focus on some positives in what can be a sad situation.

“If you can donate that would be absolutely fantastic and hope to do other things along the way to keep me motivated and you lovely peeps entertained.

“If it’s just a £1 it will all help keep me focused, show the support and ultimately help someone out there tackling cancer.”

Katie (pictured above, left, with Neil’s wife Vikki) was only 46 when she died late last year – just seven days after she was given the news by specialists.

Vikki said: “Sadly we only had seven precious days with her.

“Katie loved Barmouth as this was her childhood holiday destination so we scattered some of her ashes on a glorious day there.”

Katie leaves behind her Jessica (18) and husband Jon.

You can help Neil and donate to his fundraising page, here

Katie & Jess - Barmouth fundraiser
Katie & daughter Jess

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