Tracey Mertens' sister Sharon Haworth

BBC Crimewatch will feature an appeal to help solve a notorious South Cheshire murder 17 years ago.

Detectives are using the show to renew their appeal for witnesses to a horrific killing of Tracey Mertens.

Tracey, living in Rochdale at the time, was bundled into a car and driven from Birmingham to Eaton churchyard in Congleton where she set on fire and left to die.

Bravely she clung on long enough to tell detectives what had happened to her, but died 12 hours later from 95% burns to her body.

Her story will feature on BBC1 tonight (May 31) at 9pm, and will feature interviews with her sister Sharon Haworth (pictured) and daughter Kelly Kavanagh.

She had travelled to Birmingham on December 22, 1994 to collect a benefits book from her former home in Cattells Grove, Nechells, intending to return the same day.

Instead, she stayed overnight at her sister-in-law′s and visited the house the next morning.

Shortly before midday on December 23, she answered a knock at the door of the house in Cattells Grove.

It was then she was forcibly taken and driven to Eaton to meet a violent and horrific death at the hands of her killers.

Police believe vital witnesses in Congleton, Rochdale and Nechells are still outstanding and officers are urging them to come forward.

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  1. tina kavanagh says:

    there has to be someone out there, who knew what has happened to Tracy, they could not just go on with thier lives as normal, after what they have done, someone knows something. Tracy was aloving mother, her children was her life,and her children still suffer today, police do pop up now and again, it still feels like yesterday when i last saw her, i pray every day, that some news will come forward, to give some peace to Tracy and her children and family. it needs to be in the papers till they catch the heartless bas….. .

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