Nantwich Town Councillor Stuart Hutton

A Nantwich town councillor is quitting the Conservatives to join UKIP.

Cllr Stuart Hutton, 35, announced the decision this week, just over a year after being elected to the town council.

He claims the Tories are “abandoning their traditional values” in supporting the EU, which has persuaded him to move away from the party.

Cllr Hutton, who lives in Nantwich with his wife and eight-month-old daughter, said: “I am certain the United Kingdom Independence Party best represents not only the views and beliefs of those who elected me, but also the best interests for everyone in our country – and those in Europe.

“I’m a chartered engineer and I deal in numbers, absolutes, quantifiable and verifiable. I know if the stress calculations in a bridge don’t add up, it will fall down.

“This is exactly what we see in Europe – there are too many inherent stresses that cannot be reconciled.

“Instead of instilling peace, the EU is creating friction and inequality between member states and misery for their peoples. This bridge is falling down.”

He told Nantwichnews the move will not impact on his role on the town council.

“It won’t affect anything to do with the local council, I’ve always had an excellent working relationship with other town councillors and I will still be working positively on ideas and policies to help improve the own.

“I am always interested in the concerns of local people and many believe the £50 million a day given away by our government to the EU could be better spent on public services and stimulating growth and jobs in our economy.

“I look forward to working with UKIP – and helping to craft coherent, practical policies, on industry, education, employment and the economy, within a general framework that will empower the people in our country to create a better, brighter future for everyone.”


  1. Lainey says:

    You certainly have my vote. The Town Council is so ineffective, so why not stand for Parliament and make a real difference.

  2. Arthur Dent says:

    Brangane, it would appear to most of us that the only treachery that has been done, has been by the incumbent coalition. If ever our country had been wronged, it has been by the backtracking LibDems and Honest Dave’s Brigade of half hearted Tories!

  3. Phil Richmond says:

    Well done Cllr Hutton! Cameron lied to the Conservative Party to become leader and then lied to the country to become PM. He isnt even a Conservative and the fact he believes our future is in the EU shows he has no grasp on reality.
    The EU is an affront to democracy and beyond that the directives & regulations spewing out from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is strangling our economy. We then pay £50mil a day for the privilege!!
    The British people need to ask themselves are they happy that we cease to become a sovereign nation and instead a region of a country called Europe?!

  4. Stephen Morris says:

    I take it Councillor Hutton will giving up his seat on the council so he can put this to the electorate…………thought not

  5. Brangane says:

    An interesting switch. I tend to agree with him about the Tories and think UKIP (Nigel Farage mainly) has a lot of sensible ideas. Will Councillor Hutton stand as a UKIP candidate at the next election? More to the point, will people vote for a UKIP candidate? To say the switch won’t affect his work on NTC is interesting – I would have thought it would change his relationships with other Tories on the council. They might see his switch as a treacherous move.

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