Nantwich South artist impression, Muller Homes

Angry residents blasted a developer’s traffic survey claims at a meeting to discuss the controversial “Nantwich South” plan.

More than 50 people crammed into Broad Lane Methodist Church Hall in Stapeley, with most speaking against Muller Property bosses.

Many against the proposals for a 1,000-home “village” on greenfields between Peter de Stapleigh Way, Broad Lane and London Road, say traffic studies do not reflect the real-life situation.

And they accused Muller bosses of “hiding behind” statutory requirements rather than listening to residents who live there.

Colin Muller said they had conducted an “extensive primary network study” looking at traffic on major routes like the A51 and A500, as well as local network reports on Broad Lane and Peter de Stapleigh Way.

“These showed there are no issues with traffic in the southern end of Nantwich,” he said.

“We’ve submitted these to Cheshire East Council and it effectively makes the case for development in the southern part, and not in the northern part of the town.”

He said the traffic study was conducted on April 24 2012 between 7.30am and 8.30am, and from 3pm to 6pm, and that there were statutory guidelines they had to follow to collect the data.

“We’ve not tried to fudge it or manipulate it,” he added.

But some residents at the heated Stapeley Parish Council meeting last night (November 8) disputed the findings.

One critic told Mr Muller: “Your traffic survey is not all inclusive. If you want to be a responsible developer you would widen that survey and not hide behind what you say is the statutory requirement.

“You need to take account of all of these people. We hear what you say but you are not doing anything to help us here.

“You are relying on a statutory requirement which suits your need over and above the community’s need.”

Another said: “We are against this development. It will blight our lives while you’ll be sitting in your country pile spending the millions you have made.”

Cllr Peter Groves added: “With so many homes and 1.7 cars per home, the reality is we would face utter gridlock. Everyone who lives here knows what it is like, it is a complete nightmare.”

Another resident added: “The traffic report does not reflect the reality of travelling between 7.30am and 9.30am.

“If you are wanting a community on your side, you should re-commission another traffic study at different hours, over several days, and nearer the schools.”

Muller Property’s two initial applications, one for an access road and one for an initial 189 homes, business units and other facilities, are to go before Cheshire East Council’s Strategic Review Board on December 5.

Members of the public have until November 14 to submit their support or objections to the plans.

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  1. Willaston Resident says:

    You only need an accident on the M6 and then the traffic in the area comes to a standstill with all the extra traffic taking a detour…. would the extra traffic created by all the extra homes and businesses have the same effect?

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