Skyfall (pic by Stijn Vogels)

By Joy Cassidy
Sam Mendes is the latest director to take on the British institute that is James Bond with its 50th anniversary film “Skyfall”.

Some more recent Bond films have deviated away from tradition, straight forward plots and good old-fashioned espionage.

But Mendes directs a modern and revitalized edition that still brings it back full circle – back to British.

Skyfall sees a time of change.

It is not so much out with the old and in with the new, although we are introduced to a new Quarter Master ‘Q’ (whose youth and inexperience seem obvious when sat next to the virile Bond), as Daniel Craig plays his best Bond ever, despite being referred to at one point as an ‘old dog’.

His age and experience is portrayed by his worn (but still lovely) face.

And Judi Dench maintains her integrity as she plays a bigger role than usual as the unyielding (but maternal) M.

But there is definitely a fresher, more contemporary feel in the air that is encapsulated right from the opening credits, a mirage of silhouettes and vibrant illusions, accompanied by Adele’s instant classic, Skyfall.

I won’t pretend to be a Bond connoisseur, but I will say this: there is everything you would want from a Bond film; the gadgets, the girls, the glamour.

The cars, the explosions and the villains; it oozes style but retains its substance; it is enthralling but not over-zealous. Highly recommended – the best Bond film yet?


  1. Oh nooo,I love this Bond. I agree with this review, hot smoking action, with a slightly vulnerable bond!?! yes mate!!

  2. I saw the Skyfall movie and was wondering whether this is a bond movie at all. for me a bond movie needs to have all the cool gadgets the bond movies are so famous for and the charm of the spy also in this is poorly portrayed. for me this is just another ordinary film.

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