Tom Cruise (pic by Alan Light)

By Joy Cassidy
Based on Lee Child’s novel One Shot, Tom Cruise plays the title role in Christopher McQuarrie’s thriller Jack Reacher.

Ex-military man Reacher is a loner, unreachable and untouchable, until he’s called on by a murder suspect facing death row.

There is a back-story between Reacher and the defendant, a story so briefly touched upon by a series of flashbacks and narration, that the viewer is left a little confused and unconnected to the story.

This tends to be a problem found in many Hollywood adaptations.

Action scenes are picked out for entertainment value, and much of the story and plot details are lost, leaving the viewer with several unanswered questions that then take away the integrity of the film as a whole.

Jack Reacher has been accused of being something of a cheese-fest and some one liners from Cruise are certainly cringe-worthy.

What may have been a quirky character trait in Lee Child’s creation, comes across as comedy rather than charisma from the mouth of Cruise. Comedy that seems a little misplaced in this action thriller.

Is Jack Reacher the man to unravel the mysteries that lie behind this sordid crime? Will his own lawless ideals and indignant sense of justice stand in the way?

Will we ever find out what the story is about?

Well, yes. If you read the book.

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  1. The trailer for this movie is so ridiculous How can anyone pay money to see this? its more hysterical than anything

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