Brine Leas School, Nantwich

Students from Brine Leas School in Nantwich are celebrating A level success today (August 15).

In only the second year of A level teaching at the Audlem Road school, results have improved from 2012 with many students exceeding expectations.

The headlines include 55% of students achieving A* to B, and 79% gaining A* to C.

The average total point score per student rose to 791.

Andrew Cliffe, Brine Leas headteacher, said: “I would like to congratulate all students on their examination results.

“There is huge pressure on young people today to succeed.

“By working in partnership with teachers and families our students have done exceptionally well BL6 students are going on to some fantastic universitiesas well as taking up job offers or apprenticeships.”

Several students achieved stunning results to land places at top universities across the UK.

Among those with exceptional results include:

Luka Dragovic (Imperial College London – Maths)
A2 – Chemistry A*, Physics A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*
AS – Biology A

Kristian Ormandy (Imperial College London – Physics)
A2 – Physics A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*; History A

Michael Wilkinson (Imperial College London – Medicine)
A2 – Chemistry A*; Biology A; Philosophy A; Applied Maths A
AS – Psychology A; Critical Thinking B

Jessica Lowe (The University of Warwick – English Literature and Creative Writing)
A2 – English Literature A*; Psychology A*; Product Design A; Art B
AS – EPQ A*; Biology B

Rebecca James (University of Bristol – Virology and Immunology)
A2 – Biology A*; Chemistry A; French A
AS – EPQ A*; Applied Maths B

Josie Workmann (King’s College London – International Relations)
A2 – Government and Politics A; Law A; Philosophy A;
AS – English Language A; EPQ A; Critical Thinking C

Caitlin Young (Cardiff University – Medicine)
A2 – Biology A; Chemistry A; History A
AS – EPQ A*; Applied Maths B

Poppy Garrett (The University of York – English)
A2 – English Literature A*; English Language A; French B
AS – EPQ A*; German B

Hayley Clarke (The University of Birmingham – English Language)
A2 – English Language A; English Literature A; History A;
AS- EPQ A; French D

Jasmine Radford (The University of Bristol – Law)
A2 – Maths A; Biology A; English Literature A

Andrew Martin (University of Leicester – Medicine)
A2 – Biology A; Chemistry A; Physics A; Applied Maths A

David Lukic (University College London – Law)
A2 – Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Business Studies A; ICT B

Emily Hollingshead (The University of Edinburgh – Mathematics)
A2 – Physics A; Maths A; Further Maths A
AS – French D


  1. Andrew Cliffe says:

    Exam success at A Level is A* to E and we are justifiably proud of any student who achieves to the best of their potential. Within our results this year there are some fantastic achievements that headline results do not portray. As a school our students consistently perform better than their prior attainment would suggest with considerable ‘value’ being added. The same is true of the destinations of students. Education, in a great school, includes activities that develop young people’s all round skills. This would include fund raising for charities, work in the local community as well as mentoring younger students.
    It’s difficult to pitch it right for everyone with regards with what we publish- we list all students with their A level success to the press but hold back the grades.(This was in the Sentinel last week and in the Chronicle this week). I would echo many of Tracey’s comments and will endeavour to get that across better next year.

  2. Tracey Cooke says:

    Great news for those that have done so well but always think it’s disheartening on those who didn’t get or never expected to get anything like A* and As to see only the A achievers listed in glowing lights.

    Well done to all those who have worked really hard. For those who were not mentioned: Remember you will get much further in life with a strong but thoughtful personality than you ever will getting high grades at school.

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