Council chiefs have pledged to study traffic problems affecting the village of Willaston near Nantwich.

An on-street parking review costing £5,000 will take place in 2014 after dozens of complaints from residents and local councillors.

Willaston and Rope Ward Cllr Brian Silvester has welcomed the decision by Cheshire East Council after labelling the problem a “nightmare” for villagers.

He said: “Roads in Willaston are congested and dangerous at peak times.

“Parking is a nightmare for many Willaston residents because many of the terraced houses do not have off road parking and have to park in the street.

“To make matters worse Cheshire East has allowed Meadow View to be developed without adequate parking provision for the houses and this has just exasperated the situation.

“Recently some buses had to divert from the centre of the village because the congestion was so bad they could not get through with the bus.

“I am hopeful that the review will result in action that helps to alleviate the constant parking chaos in the centre of Willaston.

“In the meantime I have asked the police to take action against the minority of irresponsible motorists who park their vehicles in a dangerous way near to a junction or in front of driveways.

“So far the police have taken no action and I fail to see why they are not tackling this problem.”


  1. Bob Harding says:

    I have just turned 63 and have had a heart attack. I have no problems managing without a car, I walk, or use the bus. The journey from Nantwich into Crewe along Nantwich Road is a nightmare during school term time, with nose to tail ‘Chelsea tractors’ polluting the atmosphere. Leave the damn things at hone and walk. Bob

  2. Debbie Kennard says:

    Its not rocket science ,too many cars and not enough space ! Cheshire East dont waste any of our money on a £5ooo review of the situation.
    Spend the money on a village car park.
    The question needs to be asked why approve the new estate without adequate parking facilities in the first place.Cheshire East should challenge central government planning policy,which allows such development.

    Regarding the request from Mr Silvester for police to “take action against a minority of irresponsible motorists ” and his disbelief that the police so far have failed to take any action and tackle the problem. This is the usual rubbish to be expected from local and national polititions,blaming other agencies for their own short comings .

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