The second fastest man on earth has urged Nantwich students to reach for the stars as professional engineers and scientists.

Richard Noble, former world land speed record holder, visited Reaseheath College to launch its new £1 million motor vehicle technology department.

And the boss of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) Project said there are now tremendous opportunities in motor vehicle research, design and build industries.

He chatted to students working on modern vehicles including the college’s own hybrid car, and admired an eco-challenge car, built as a competition, which achieves 350 miles per gallon.

He said: “The facilities and training here are exactly what the future is all about.

Richard Noble portrait with car“Britain’s car fleet is getting increasingly more complex and Reaseheath College is raising the bar for next generation engineers.

“It’s been fascinating to meet so many students who are confidently looking towards their future careers and are keen to learn. There’s a nice buzz about the place and the workshops are superb.

“What’s notable is that these young people already have many of the technical skills they require to get on in the industry.”

He gave a talk to the college’s 250 motor vehicle and agricultural engineering students about the advanced technology which will support his attempt on a new land speed record with BloodhoundSSC.

The complex racing car, built by a multi-national team and sponsored by blue chip companies including Rolls Royce, will attempt to reach 800mph in Northern Cape, South Africa, in 2015 and a landmark 1,000 mph in 2016.

It will be driven by former RAF fighter pilot Wing Comander Andy Green.

Video and data from the exciting project will be streamed live on internet and accessible for colleges and schools.

Student Cody Brookes, 17, said: “When we hear that Bloodhound has exceeded 1,000 mph we’ll remember this day as the time we met him at Reaseheath!”

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