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The new season of live stand-up comedy in Nantwich is off to a rip-roaring start.

Four brilliant funnymen played to a packed Nantwich Civic Hall, providing three hours of hilarity not to be forgotten.

Compere and host Tiernan Douieb helped create a jovial mood with his chirpy banter and fun with the audience.

And there was no slow burner in this set, with the fabulous guitar-strumming comedian Jonny Awsum taking the night by storm.

His likeable style and trusty guitar delivered brilliantly simple musings and anecdotes that had the audience in the palm of his strumming hand.

The lady with the triangle won’t forget the night for a while, that’s for sure!

It was a hard act to follow for second on stage, Canadian comic Pete Johansson.

But he did not disappoint with a mix of hard-hitting, topical gags delivered with epic timing and tone.

Johansson’s suicide bomber bees was one of many pearlers which had the audience clutching their sides.

Closing the show was Sol Bernstein (pictured), who was back in Nantwich for the first time in three years.

The veteran comic who has entertained audiences around the globe, belies his age with his speed and energy on stage.

The classic traditional set might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Bernstein was the perfect choice by promoters Civic Comedy to close a top quality first show of the season.

At just £10 a ticket, these shows continue to provide the best value for a night’s entertainment you will find anywhere.

Roll on the next one, on the first Friday of October.

Visit for ticket details.


  1. Emma says:

    The Acts were good and the venue was fine. It’s the way my group were treated that made us scared to laugh, scared to talk about things mentioned in the show. When the compere made a point we spoke to eachother about that point, not being loud, not making a noise, we were on the edge of the room at the back. I felt you were purposely targeting the group and by group I mean 4 people. Their were security behind us throughout. I am a professional lady, I do not need this sort of behaviour.
    I go to many comedy events throughout England and I have never experienced that sort of behaviour from staff. The evening was ruined, not by the acts, not by the venue but by the uncomfortableness that your staff made me and my group feel.

    • Paul C says:

      If you were at the back you were probably the two women talking all the way through the first half of the show. My wife wanted to tell you to shut up! You wouldn’t go in a cinema and talk through the film and then justify it by saying you’re talking about the film! If it wasn’t you on the left side as you go in, then sorry – but talking is not on. I paid £10 to hear the comedians not other people!

      • Emma says:

        Paul, my group had men near by unless your Mrs looks like a man. These guys had phones out messing about with them although nothing was said to these men.

  2. Civic Comedy says:

    Hi Emma, Thanks for your feedback.

    We would never tell anyone not to laugh. It’s why we run the events!

    We will always try to ensure that everyone who comes to the shows are able to hear the acts without disruption and we’ll carefully consider any action before we pull people up for talking and spoiling the show for those around them.

    We pride ourselves on being able to bring the very best acts from the world of stand up to Nantwich and this is possible, in part, by having a reputation for a great venue and friendly warm audience and that’s because we work hard to create that environment.

    If we were such Hitler’s we’d never have booked a Jewish act to close the show : )

  3. Emma says:

    I really enjoyed 2 acts from this comedy night, Jonny Awsum was very unique and had myself and the crowd laughing throughout. The last act was very good too Sol Berstein, for an 80+ year old to still produce such a good act is remarkable.

    The only down side to the night was having a hitler like staff to tell you that you can’t talk about acts or to stop laughing is disgusting this put a damper on what would be a good night. (By the way I was not chatting throughout, just a couple of sentences to the person next to me about what the compere said. The compere by the way wasn’t that good)

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