A51 Bypass crash

A cyclist has died after being in collision with a bus on the A530 Middlewich Road in Nantwich.

Police say it happened on the busy road just outside the entrance to Alvaston Hall Hotel.

The cyclist was a 59-year-old man who was treated at the scene by paramedics but could not be saved.

Police arrested a 57-year-old man in connection with the incident.

Emergency services were called at about 2.35pm after receiving calls about the incident.

Police closed the road off in both directions for several hours, causing massive tailbacks in all directions.

Motorists are being advised to avoid the area.



  1. Ian Yeomans says:

    I too notice a lot of cyclists who don’t use that pathway, when i cycle down there i always do, must be a good reason i suppose. doesn’t give people an excuse to run us cyclists over though! either way its a very tragic event and very sad.

  2. How can you say lessons should be learned before you know the full circumstances and FACTS. As usual people like to judge before knowing the full facts and this is why so many false rumours spread among nantwich, my heart goes out to the family

  3. As usual, people comment on news without knowing the full facts. No thought and consideration for the bereaved family.

  4. Have you thought that the cycle lane might not be receiving the same grit treatment as the roads? Making it safer to ride on the road? Get off your high horse, a husband, father, grand father, brother, uncle and friend has lost his life here.

    • keith williams says:

      not on any high horse its a tragic accident which could have been averted and hopefully one which will not be repeated. All sympathy goes out to family and friends of anyone hurt , injured or worse in any accident my only wish is that lessons are learned from them to help prevent other families going through such heartache.

  5. Arthur Melling says:

    Yes that dedicated path for cyclists is brilliant, I use it all the time much quicker than the road.
    Sad it was not used this time

  6. keith williams says:

    devastating to see accidents along this notorious black spot however since the introduction of the dedicated cycle path which runs the length of the busy road I am amazed at how many cyclists refuse to use it and still run the gauntlet of the traffic.
    you can lead your water as they say,

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