A500 closed - highways roadworks sign (pic by Jonathan White)

Councillors in Shavington fear the closure of a main road in the village for 10 weeks will cause chaos in surrounding streets.

Work on the new spine road between the A500 roundabout and Gresty Bridge will mean the closure of the road in May.

Councillors Brian Silvester, who represents Willaston and Rope, and David Brickhill, of Shavington ward, are concerned the total closure of Crewe Road will lead to traffic problems on surrounding roads in other villages.

Gresty Road/Crewe Road will remain open but for one-way working controlled by traffic lights for two weeks from April 27.

They will then be closed both ways for 8 to 10 weeks from May 11. Crewe Road will be permanently blocked from May 11 just south of Gresty Bridge.

Willaston and Rope Cllr Brian SilvesterCllr Silvester (pictured) said: “I am calling on Cheshire East Council to inform motorists in every way possible, in good time before the closure, identifying the alternative routes into and out of Crewe.

“Also they must ensure there are no roadworks on any of the alternative routes to allow for a free flow of traffic for the ten week period.

“Cllr Brickhill and myself want to prevent rat-runners using Rope Lane, Eastern Road and Gresty Lane, which are narrow roads and already very busy with traffic.

“Students at Shavington High School are already concerned about road safety around the approaches to the school and this road closure will make it infinitely worse as motorists seek rat runs to get into and out of Crewe.”

Cllr Brickhill added: “Rat runners will cause an increase in danger to pupils walking on Gresty Lane and Rope Lane.

“Pupils need to be made aware of this and told not to walk several children wide along the Rope Lane footpaths which forces some of them to walk in the road.

“I am hoping there will still be a walking route through to the Gresty bridge but this needs checking.

“The only other impact will be on parents picking up children from school in cars and of course any staff who usually drive in and out on Gresty Road and Crewe Road.

“They should expect some delays.”

Councillor David Topping, Cheshire East’s Cabinet member for service commissioning, said: “There is never a good time to close a major road but we are making every effort to minimise the impact.

“The disruption will be temporary but the benefits will be long-lasting.

“When this work is complete, the new spine road will enable the development of a key strategic investment site that will provide both new housing and employment opportunities for Crewe and the surrounding area.”

The new spine road, expected to open in July, will be single carriageway.


  1. Ednawellthorpe says:

    Also why is the bridge on weston lane closed on one side with temporary lights? Someone has managed to write 18 on the tarmac but as of yesterday I’ve yet to see any workmen /work being done, useless self serving ,best stop before I swear ha ha.

  2. Im very annoyed at the police officers’ hiding in the bushes as you start to drive down the lane from shavington going towards Weston from shavington .. checking your speed??? doesn’t help matters… is badly timed is grisly unfair as we choose that route instead of adding further to the bottleneck of vehicles going down rope bank… common be fair OFFICERS!!! and give us nice peeps of shavington a break.

  3. Stephen Davies says:

    “No other roadworks”? Don’t make me laugh. This council has no planning capabilities, no ability to multi task and most arrogantly of all absolutely no care or consideration for its constituents. The sheer amount of “vital” works begs the question how these “urgent” situations arise so often… Bad planning? Bad workmanship? Too much pressure on utilities because of building too many houses? All of the above isn’t it? What a shower of muppets. Stop closing roads all at once, or even shock horror do what used to happen and mend them in parts with less upheaval to users. It may come as a surprise to these idiots to learn that people plan their lives and schedules around using roads to get from A to B, astonishing isn’t it? If you have to do work, plan it in advance, MAKE (not ask) these utility companies do their work at the same time and most importantly of all HURRY UP and make the workers actual work. I am sick to death of driving past smoking, chatting lazy people who are supposed to be digging up roads. If they want to smoke and talk go to a pub.

  4. anony mous says:

    Not heard that the bridge under the railway at gresty green lane is closing at the same time so cyclists and walkers will still have the quicker (and safer) route from shav to crewe avaliable to them…. maybe it will encourage more permanent use away from busy roads.

  5. keith williams says:

    For Cheshire east to ensure no other roadworks on alternative routes and diversions would be a miracle if you look at all the roadworks around Crewe and nantwich on a weekly basis it is apparent that there is little or no control over the planning of any works. There is no communication or central planning for logistics between separate contractors to co ordinate their so called essential works

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