vision for nantwich former gasworks plan and riverfront hotel

The former gasworks site in Nantwich could be turned into a riverfront hotel, apartments, business units and a two-storey car park.

Ambitious plans for the site have been unveiled by the Schofield family – well known in Nantwich as owners of numerous venues on Welsh Row.

They revealed a plan to build a 20-bedroom hotel, 28 apartments, coffee shops and business units, and a car park for 100 spaces.

They said some of those parking spaces would be available for the public, with access of St Anne’s Lane.

The plans also include demolishing the Simply Thai restaurant on Welsh Row to create a more eye-catching access to the new development from Wyche House Bank.

And they plan to run a boulevard through the whole development from Welsh Row to the River Weaver and the footbridge.

The waterfront on the site would also still be accessible by the public.

Martin Greenwood, of Bower Edleston Architects, told Nantwich Town Council an outline application would be submitted to Cheshire East Council in the next week or two.

“It’s a 1.7 acre site, and on the east side there will be a three-storey hotel with a restaurant and atrium,” he said.

“On the other side, there will be retail, cafes, starter units and offices.

“In the brief from Cheshire East, they said there was no requirement to retain a significant amount of car parking.

“But we disagree with that, and our proposal in this area is for a two-level car park, with 56 spaces on the ground level, and 100 spaces overall.”

Paul and Mark Schofield were also at the town council to outline their ideas.

They said there would be another access to the site from Welsh Row between existing businesses they currently own.

“We want this as an addition to the town, we believe it compliments the rest of the town which needs more facilities and open space,” they said.

Jeff Stubbs, chairman of Nantwich Civic Society, questioned how close to the river bank the development would go.

Cllr Arthur Moran welcomed the plans.

“This is the last strategic site in the town and needs to be developed.

“There is a chronic shortage of hotel rooms in Nantwich, borne out during the many festivals and events we have in the town.

“I’m also in favour of people living in the town in apartments – it helps to bring life back to the towns. I’m quite impressed with this application.”

The Schofields added: “We are Nantwich people, and we’ve done a lot of work on Welsh Row, and want to put something more back into the town.”

An application is likely to go to Cheshire East Council next week.

(Image courtesy of A Vision for Nantwich Ltd)


  1. Kirsty Valentine says:

    Well done on this fantastic opportunity for Nantwich by Martin at Bower Edleston. Can’t wait to see it develop – it’s been a long time coming! Kirsty

  2. Exiting idea which is planned by a private developer and will also provide much needed car parking in the town.
    As business people they recognise the need for free /reasonably priced parking if the town is to thrive as a shopping centre.
    Good that a ‘pedestrian flow’ is planned from Welsh Row through to the river frontage.

  3. What rubbish that we don’t need parking. This town is currently being spoiled because of cars parking everywhere, never mind the extra traffic proposed housing developments will bring. The hotel etc looks good but parking definitely must be included.

  4. An exciting development, just what the town needs. Let’s get the nimbys out of the way and get on with it. (and Andrew; I couldn’t agree more)

  5. Best of luck lads with all the red tape and hand wringers, you will need it. What a cracking submission, you will probably have the support of most true Dabbers.

  6. Has there been any pre-application public consultation on these proposals?
    The involvement of experienced local architects is very welcome and I’m sure that they will come up with some creative ideas for this site. However, it would have been good to have had an opportunity to comment on and possibly influence the nature and shape of the development.

    • Nigel- why don’t you offer the Schofield’s your pearls of wisdom?

      Seems you know better than Bower Edleston!!!

    • The site is privately owned There is no need for there to be any public consultation. The planning application is an opportunity for people to offer their opinions.

    • If you know so much about urban design ‘Nigel’, why haven’t you formed a consortium and come up with an alternative proposal for the site?

      Then you would have no end of ‘opportunity to comment on and influence the nature and shape of the development’!!!!!!!

      I guess you just aren’t prepared to step up to the plate?

  7. I hope they can swim come the tide coming in from the river?

  8. Interesting. Maybe when they’ve finished they can also knock down the grotty shops in Swine Market & Beam St and make that more attractive too

  9. Good luck to them! They have done loads for the town!
    The town needs a new hotel and the plans look fantastic! and how on earth can Cheshire East claim theres no parking requirement particuarly when the council eventually want to see the love lane car park and snow hill developed into more retail space.

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