car vandalism Millstone Lane, Nantwich

A Nantwich woman says she has had her car vandalised three times while parked on Millstone Lane.

Now she has warned other motorists to be wary after reporting the latest incident to police after her car’s paintwork was badly scratched.

The 29-year-old, from the Worleston area, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her old car was vandalised twice last summer, before her new vehicle was targeted a few days ago.

“I have walked up and down the Millstone Lane many times and see it is happening to other cars,” she said.

“Marker pens, keying, breaking mirrors.

“I have reported the latest one to police.

“I know a few of my colleagues have had cars keyed.

“I have seen another car on the same road have marker pen on the car.

car wing mirror damaged on Millstone Lane“And I have seen covers of side mirrors on the public path side of the road knocked off and side mirrors folded outwards.

“There needs to be more Neighbourhood Watch and more awareness on reporting it to the police to hopefully catch the people that do it or encourage police to do more about the issue.

“I do feel its occurring more often.

“I work in the area and I park on that road. It’s the stretch between the mini roundabout and Imperial Court which seems to be targeted.

“Personally, I have seen damage to cars on the Imperial Court side of the road.

“It happened twice to my old car – I wasn’t too bothered. But now it’s happened to my new car.

“And it’s daytime damage – not even at night!”

A Nantwich Police spokesman said they had received one report of damage on January 15, and one from last year near South Crofts.

Any motorists who have vehicles damaged are urged to report it to Cheshire Police on 101.

another car on Millstone Lane damaged


  1. Anom2 says:

    Who said they are residents spaces?¿? Its a road and everyone pays car tax. People park outside my house every day, when i moved in to the property i knew parking was a issue so i accepted that. Didnt get a marker pen or knife a car. Childish people, approaching people nicely asking if they can park somewhere else seems more appropriate. Hope they get caught.

  2. Mike Sedon says:

    They may have the right to park on a street, but use your head, not on a pavement and not close to a junction.
    However anywhere on that road is daft as buses pass and traffic is always heavy. I would not risk it.
    You can’t stop nutters scratching a car, but you can find better places to park especially as this has happened before.
    Legs are for walking, not just from the road up the garden path and inside! Jeesh!! !

  3. Dave roberts says:

    Yes it’s happening more and more, parking on streets and pavements.
    This is especially selfish when there are elderly, disabled and children trying to get safely past.
    It’s just laziness.

  4. Paul says:

    No excuse to damage anybody’s property,totally out of order and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if caught.
    If the car is road legal and there are no parking restrictions the driver has every right to park there.

  5. Anom says:

    The vandalism is unacceptable but maybe if you parked on a car park instead of taking resident’s spaces it might not happen…

  6. NA says:

    Maybe you should park your car on a car park instead of parking it on the road blocking the traffic.

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