East German border guards stamp in gentry tickets from South Staffs Living History Group

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker near Nantwich took visitors back in time when it staged the fourth annual “Soviet Threat” event, writes Jonathan White.

The event recreated what life was like either side of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

There were armed troops patrolling the grounds, checkpoints and numerous military vehicles from both Western and Eastern forces.

Inside the bunker there were troops keeping check on the opposition and monitoring any possible nuclear attacks.

There were also re-enactors from the Malayan Emergency and East German border guards.

The event was organised by museum director at Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Lucy Siebert, Event Plan and keen local historians.

(Pics by Jonathan White)

Visitor Andrew Lyon complies with Forces and shows his entry ticket

Cold War RAF Bedford 1954 nuclear biological chemical unit outside the bunker

Western Forces guard the bunker entrance (2)

Japanese Crown Sedan car and a British military aircraft

Malayan Emergency re-enactors from Foreign Field historic entertainment and display

Radar system is operational to warn of an attack

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