fly-tipping near Alvaston on Nantwich to crewe Greenway

Angry users of the Nantwich to Crewe Greenway hit out at fly-tippers today who dumped this massive load of rubbish across the route.

Early morning users of the route which connects the two towns found the dump close off Middlewich Road close to the entrance to Alvaston Hall Hotel.

It’s thought to have taken place overnight Sunday to Monday.

One cyclist who uses the route every day to get to work said it almost blocked the lane.

“I’ve seen some small bits of rubbish along here before,” he said.

“But never anything like this, it’s horrific. It was just about passable.

“Whoever did this must have parked a van up overnight, so hopefully someone saw something as it is a busy road.”

Many fear an increase in fly-tipping due to new charges imposed by Cheshire East Council on dumping rubble created by household DIY projects, or for large clearance of rental properties.

fly-tipping on Nantwich to Crewe Greenway route

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “This is a shocking example of fly-tipping and demonstrates the selfish and irresponsible behaviour of a small minority of individuals who feel they can dump their rubbish wherever it suits them.

“We would urge anyone who has any information about the person responsible to contact the council, as the consequences for a fly-tipping offence of this nature are serious.

“The council’s environmental services company Ansa will clean up the area but this represents a cost to the council and the borough’s council taxpayers whenever there are incidents of fly-tipping.

“Where prosecutions are successful, offenders can face a fine of up to £50,000 for a serious offence and/or a custodial sentence.

“Staff have visited the site and searched for any evidence as to who may have been responsible.

“Anyone witnessing or having information about fly-tipping should call Cheshire East Council on 0300 123 5011.”

The Nantwich to Crewe Greenway was a major cycleway project linking the towns which opened in March 2013.

The Connect 2 Greenway enables people to travel by foot an bike, and the middle section by the side of Middlewich Road is also available to horse riders.

Toucan crossings are in place to help people cross the Middlewich Road.

(Pics courtesy of local reader)

fly-tipping Nantwich near Alvaston


  1. I saw it first hand while riding down there, looked like it’d been tipped from a truck, I’m guessing someone paid to have it taken away by said truck driver who didn’t want to pay to dump it at landfill.

    Very sad to see places ruined by these types, CCTV is probably the only way to catch them too and its not practical to have cameras in more rural areas.

  2. Ben Harris says:

    Not clever!! Penny pinching results in having to now spend more.

    Woolly thinking, take a tip from Stafford Council, advertise four free clearances a year, at various collection points

    Just take your junk to the village pub car park, a lorry takes it away FREE!!

  3. Think many genuine tax payers said this would happen when charges were introduced.
    But as usual they were to busy wasting money on corruption charges

  4. Malcolm Rhodes says:

    One item in that photographed rubbish is a child-proof gate! If that was deposited by the actual occupant (rather than somebody clearing for them), it dosen’t bode well for the (now a bit older) child.

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