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The landlords of a Nantwich pub are launching a new scheme to take in “homeless and hungry” people off the street.

Ben and Wayne Taylor-Jones, at The Wilbraham Arms on Welsh Row, will offer food, drink as well as blankets or sleeping bags as part of the initiative.

The couple, who took over the venue in February this year, say it is a cause close to their hearts.

Ben said: “This will be indefinite and ongoing.

“We will make a butty and brew of the person’s choice.

“We just want to do our bit for the less fortunate.

“We are also offering blankets and sleeping bags for them to take with them so they’re not cold this winter.

“This is something close to our hearts and we want to do something small to help.2

The couple have also returned the pub to its original The Wilbraham Arms name after a period of it being called Wilbraham Bar and Grill.

New signs are being installed, and live music and entertainment is provided on a regular basis.

“Since taking over we’ve managed to turn it totally around,” added Ben.

“We’re now Cask Mark certified, offer live entertainment every weekend and would go as far as saying one of the busiest venues in Nantwich!

“We’ve also had our license extended despite all the odds.”

Ben and Wayne of Wilbraham Arms

Ben and Wayne of Wilbraham Arms

wilbraham arms poster


  1. The point is – these people have not only business in mind but social responsibility and simply…being….kind. Good on them and it’s a brilliant idea we can learn from.

  2. Jade Robinson says:

    Not missing the point at all mate!!

    If you read it I just suggested food banks need to get BETTER not disappear!!

    I wonder how much good fresh food goes into supermarket skips that could have been used that’s all

    the folk that run it need to start to think outside the box in my opinion

  3. Ashley Wheeler says:

    Well done Chaps – what a great initiative that others would do well to embrace.

  4. Jade Robinson says:

    That is so lovely, I always thought cafes and restuarants could do this too.
    After all better to feed someone in need than bin it.
    Those food banks only provide tinned and packet food, just how useful is that long term, it’s rubbish!!

    • Please don’t criticise food banks. They provide an essential safety net for many people. And of course tinned and packet food is ‘useful in the long term’. By definition.

      • Jade Robinson says:

        So you are saying food banks provide the very best? We are talking tins here! If they had any thing about them they would set up for donation of fresh food as well, as processed food as it is not the way for a healthy life.
        I stand by my comments, as I remember wanting to donate an orchard of apples one year, and they turned their snooty noses up.

      • Jade Robinson says:

        I stand by the fact that tinned food is not the best way to deal with this.
        There must be food outlets that have spare fresh food to donate.
        I had an orchard of apples to donate, but they didn’t want them.
        You can’t make this up!! Ridiculous

        • Ashley Wheeler says:

          I think you’re missing the point. It shouldn’t be an either or situation – some people rely on food banks; just because you may be fortunate enough not to shouldn’t be an excuse to run down a safety net for the less well off amongst us

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