AJ Pritchard

Strictly dance star AJ Pritchard and his brother have been injured in a brawl in Nantwich nightclub, Nakatcha.

AJ, who made the semi-finals of this year’s BBC series, was enjoying a night out with brother Curtis and two other friends in the Welsh Row venue when witnesses say a group of men became aggressive towards them.

The brothers were then kicked and punched as a large scale brawl broke out in the club in the early hours of December 27.

It’s believed the brothers suffered serious cuts and bruising in the attack and that Curtis may need surgery on a badly injured knee.

A spokesman for the family told Nantwich News: “AJ and Curtis were assaulted whilst on a night out with two friends on the 27th December 2018 in an unprovoked attack in Nantwich, Cheshire.

“Curtis is due to undergo an emergency operation in the next few days to correct the damages he has sustained to his knee, he is also recovering from injuries to his eye and face. AJ received bruising to his face, arms, body and legs.

“Statements have been given to Cheshire Police and they are currently undergoing an investigation.”

Nakatcha club in Nantwich
Nakatcha in Nantwich – pic by Google Streetview

Former Brine Leas student AJ, 24, joined Strictly in 2016 and has become a favourite with many fans of the show.

He has danced with celebrities such as gymnast Claudia Fragapane, singer Mollie King and in the latest series with paralympian Lauren Steadman.

His younger brother Curtis, 23, is a dancer on the Irish show Dancing With The Stars.

AJ’s family run the Pritchards Dance and Fitness Academy in Burleydam, near Audlem. It’s believed the brothers were staying with their family for the Christmas at the time of the incident.

Just a few days earlier, the brothers tweeted this photo of them enjoying a Christmas drink together.

AJ and Curtis - pic on twitter just a few days before attack

Cheshire Police said four people were taken to hospital for treatment but had all since been discharged.

A 20-year-old man from Crewe was arrested on suspicion of assault and has been released under investigation pending further inquiries.


  1. Wow 8 scum bags getting in past the bouncers? (Their jobs are safe)

    Got to be drug and alcohol for such a vicious attack, prison will be too good for them, bring back chain gangs make em sweat.

    Can’t believe that place is still open, those gigs are numbered this is 2019 not 1919

  2. This is terrible news for Nantwich, I blame Brexit. No B grade celebrities were ever hurt in Nantwich before Brexit.

    • B grade eh? like to see you train several hours a day 7 days a week to get to the standard these young men are at, utter disgrace to belittle their success.
      They are not the first to be attacked in the town, if any one is to blame it’s the pub not training their staff well enough. At Christmas it’s just plain stupid not to extend the security. Wasters!!

    • What an embarrassment for Nantwich
      These cowards should named and shamed in the cold light of day

  3. Go to Trip Advisor and see how many negative reviews are posted about this awful establishment.
    The owners obviously accept no responsibility for this and should be personally held responsible.
    I hope that the licensing authorities revoke their licence and the place is rightfully closed down.

    • here here, close it down, terrible place, fights every week people being glassed, broken jaws etc.. no-one is safe in that pub

  4. Maxine Keeling says:

    Absolutely disgusted to hear this about the Pritchard brothers being attached in their hometown. Obviously the jealousy of idiots to do such a thing…. let’s not let these morons bring Nantwich down. Nantwich is a lovely town with good people. Get rid of the yobs/idiots.

  5. Far to many alcohol places in Nantwich that’s all it’s full of now ,
    What’s wrong with people this day & age ? Let’s hope the culprits are locked up & banned from Nantwich for life .
    All the best to the Pritchard brothers let’s hope for a speedy recovery.
    What a fantastic advert for Nantwich .

  6. A cowardly , shameful attack …..no doubt jealousy driven . Wishing the Pritchard brothers a speedy recovery ?

  7. Comes to something when violence happens inside a premises never mind on the street.
    did the establishment employ security, and if not why not?
    They have a duty of care to customers, I personally won’t eat or drink in town after 7pm now, I blame Blair for all this free drinking time, too many idiots.
    Hope the lads are ok, it could have certainly been much worse, get well soon

    • Oh FFS just listen to your pathetic self.
      Blaming an ex / ex / ex Prime Minister for this? If it was so bad why have the current shower of sh!ts not reversed this legislation?

      I suspect many are pleased you’re not allowed out after 7pm.

      • You need to have a word with yourself, this is not a rant mag. The article was about two guys injured by thugs inside a pub, one of them certainly has career changing injuries which is tragic given how gifted they both are. Have some consideration you idiot!
        But then you are probably not that local, and don’t love Nantwich as we do seeing it in the press as a terrible town.

      • Clearly mate you are clueless on politics
        Following a pledge to reverse the worst effects of round-the-clock opening, the Tories permitted local authorities to make pubs and nightclubs pay ‘late night levies’ to fund policing.
        I wonder if this authority has taken it up as lots have not

  8. So sorry that you where attacked in nantwich ?
    We are not all horrible people

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