A500 closed - highways roadworks sign (pic by Jonathan White)

Nantwich drivers will be hoping the current works causing the closure of London Road do not overrun.

On the same day London Road is due to re-open – another busy Nantwich route, Wellington Road, will be closing!

Thousands of drivers have been caught up in peak hour driving misery every morning and evening due to the London Road closure. It is due to re-open on January 15.

But now notices are on display advising of the closure of Wellington Road in the town on Monday January 14.

The closure notice states it is to allow for United Utilities to carry out “replace manhole frame and cover in carriageway with permanent reinstatement”.

Although the closure is only expected for part of January 14, the notice will be in place for five days in case works overrun.

And if the Network Rail level crossing replacement works overrun on January 14, the town will suffer even further gridlock.

A Cheshire East Council spokesperson told us today: “As a permit authority, Cheshire East Council works closely with third parties and utilities companies to facilitate essential road repairs and road closures.

“The council strives to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, that the safety of residents and road users is prioritised and that localised road closures do not clash.

“The council has been assured by Network Rail that they will have completed the work at the London Road level crossing by 6am on 14 January.

“The closure of Wellington Road has been requested by United Utilities and that closure permit does not come into force until 7pm 14 January.

“Therefore, the two road closures will not coincide and the council will closely monitor the situation to ensure that there is no disruption for road users and residents and the works do not overlap.

“Both these sets of works have to be done in the interests of public safety.”

A spokesperson for Network Rail added: “Work is progressing well on site and the renewal work is currently on schedule.

“We have been working closely with Cheshire East Council on our plans for the work, and we are confident that our work be complete by 6am on 14 January.”

(Pic by Jonathan White)


  1. T J says:

    The council have not planned this properly. The traffic is bad on a normal day during rush our in Nantwich south, but with the road closure it is almost at a stand still. It takes 25 mins to get from cronkinson pub junction to cheerbrook roundabout. They should change the priority of some of the lights when so much traffic is moving on one road.
    Why have the council allowed yet another road closure to piggy back this one, are they taking the $£%$£

  2. Nigel D says:

    When the recent closure of the London Road level crossing was set up, there was a sign at Cheerbrook roundabout saying “no through road” when there was clearly a route down the A51 to Woore, Audlem or Whitchurch. This was sheer incompetence by the people setting up the diversion. It was subsequently changed to a yellow sign “Peter De Stapleigh way open” but even this was unhelpful for anyone who does not know the area. When these diversions are set up, someone with local knowledge and authority should check what has been done (from every direction) and make sure the signs are both accurate and helpful to both local people and visitors. In another case last year, two diversions at the A51/Peter De Stapleigh Way junction pointed in opposite directions – totally confusing. There are currently planed to be three diversions using the A51 – see https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/highways_and_roads/roadworks/latest-roadworks.aspx – so chaos can be expected. Why not letter them A, B and C or 1, 2 and 3?

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