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A Nantwich secondary headteacher has called on parents to sign a national petition to help schools like his secure better funding.

David Cole, head of Brine Leas Academy, says his school is one of the worst off in Cheshire East.

And Cheshire East authority is also one of the worst off authorities when it comes to central Government funding for pupils.

Now Mr Cole has written to parents urging them to back the fight calling for a fairer funding system.

It comes as Crewe and Nantwich MP Laura Smith spoke out again this week at a NAHT Union event calling for a fairer formula from Government.

That event highlighted funding per pupil was now 4% below its peak of 2015.

Brine Leas Headteacher David Cole

David Cole

Mr Cole said: “We know that children in Cheshire East are not funded as fairly as elsewhere and the educational funding is being cut year on year.

“One of the most important things that we can currently do is support the campaign for fairer funding.

“School leaders will continue to lobby for this through our work at the schools’ forum and as part of the national campaigns.

“You may not know that Brine Leas is the equal lowest-funded secondary school in Cheshire East, which itself is one of the lowest-funded Local Authorities in England.

“The system to address this was initially going to be implemented this year, but this has now been pushed back and did not sufficiently address the funding gap in our school.”

Mr Cole said a national School Funding Petition has so far only been signed by 155 people in Crewe and Nantwich constituency, and 121 in the neighbouring Eddisbury constituency.

“We can all increase this number significantly and strengthen the case to Parliament by signing the petition and encouraging family and friends to do likewise,” he added.

“Please add your name.”

The petition can be found at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232220

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  1. @Steeple Jack – Clearly you are uneducated and don’t have a clue how important teachers are! They help children to grow and some better than the child’s own parents!! Education is important and a base for kids to move forwards in their lives, go to college, University etc etc!

    Funding is low and with minimal funding teachers aren’t able to help and support a child as best as they could! I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand this.

    Teachers salaries are not too high and they deserve the pay they receive.

    I am not a teacher and never want to be. I couldn’t deal with having to be on top form every single day, presenting to 32 children (or more) and having to manage / look after and educate them all. Whilst also monitoring their progress and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each and every child! Then spending my evenings marking their books!!!

    You really do have no idea so please do everyone a favour and keep your uneducated comments to yourself please

  2. There is already plenty of money sloshing around if only it was managed properly! Give a Third World one hundredth of our school budget and they would astonish the World with their excellence. Start by reducing teachers’ salaries – they are excessive and way above what should be paid to low qualified occupations.

  3. Will Simcock says:

    Disappointing from a school I use to go

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