Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ takes number one spot in the latest survey to find most reliable cars for student drivers.

Although choosing a car with the lowest price may sound like a good idea for cash-stricken students, they should also consider how much a vehicle will cost to maintain and run to get the best value for money.

Now the latest Reliability Index analysis reveals the top 10 most reliable cars for student drivers.

The Index, put together by warranty provider, Warranty Direct , collates and analyses 50,000 live policies to rate vehicles in order of reliability.

It looks at the frequency and type of faults, the age and mileage of the car and the cost of repairs, before assigning it an accurate index score.

See table below for the exact most reliable models.

Ranking – Top 10 most reliable student cars in 2019

1 – Toyota iQ (08- )
2 – Vauxhall Agila (08 – )
3 – Hyundai Getz (02 – 09)
4 – Honda Jazz (08-)
5 – Hyundai i10 (08-)
6 – Citroen C1 (05-)
7 – Hyundai i20 (09-)
8 – Suzuki Alto (09-)
9 – Ford Ka (08-)
10 – Honda Jazz (01-08)

When considering its shortlist for what makes a great student car, Warranty Direct looked at several key factors such as:

· A keen list price with low running costs
· Ease of use. The best student run-arounds should be effortless to drive, easy to see out of and compact enough to fit into tight spaces
· The best student cars should feel safe and composed on the motorway, so longer trips to and from home don’t become stressful or tiring

Japanese car brands dominate the top 10, featuring four times.

The reliability of Japanese vehicles is believed to stem from Japan’s superior production processes and more meticulous testing regimes.

80%* of the cars selected for Warranty Direct’s top ten most reliable student cars also feature in low insurance groups with the only exceptions being both Honda Jazz (08-) and Honda Jazz (01-08).

The Toyota iQ took the number one spot to be named the most reliable student car with its average time off the road for repairs at only an hour.

Repair costs averaged at around £223.94, with the low number of claims concerning mainly issues with engines.

Following closely in second place is the Vauxhall Agila.

While it has lower average repair costs than the Toyota IQ at £115.90, it misses out on first position due to longer repair times and a high number of axle and suspension problems, which accounts for 75% of its claims.

The Hyundai Getz sits in third place for reliability, but due to it experiencing more complex issues with its engines and gearboxes its average repair time is significantly higher than the Toyota IQ’s and the Vauxhall Agila’s, averaging over four hours.

The Honda Jazz finds itself in the top 10 twice, with its older model drifting towards the bottom of the table.

Average repair costs for models from 2008 onwards are at the high end at £371.08 due to a quarter of claims being linked to expensive electrical issues.

Although the Suzuki Alto finds itself in eighth position, it has the cheapest average repair costs in the top ten at £95.16 – good for students who are keen to watch their pennies.

However, a high proportion of claims for axle and suspension issues (78%) caused its ranking to slip towards the lower end of the table.

Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct, said: “When new or young drivers are looking to purchase their first vehicle, it’s important they are not swayed only by the latest trends or cheap deals.

“They should prioritise vehicles based on their overall reliability, to get the best value for money.

“We hope resources such as the Reliability Index help student motorists get a better indication of the models best suited to their individual needs.

“However, all drivers should remember any vehicle can land you with a large bill if they are not regularly checked and professionally serviced.”

A more extensive list of vehicle information is available on the Reliability Index website.

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