weeds in the road

Dear Editor,
I have lived in Nantwich for nearly 40 years and feel disappointed at how it is looking mainly due to weeds in gutters and public areas that are no longer being treated by the council.

We have to accept that cutbacks are probably responsible but perhaps it is time for local residents to all do their bit to smarten things up.

We have a beautiful town and it would not take much to make it look better.

If residents could just hoe the patch of gutter in front of their own house it would be a great start or perhaps help a neighbour to do so if they were unable.

If the idea took off it would be great for people to pick an area that looked in need of some tlc and perhaps a group of volunteers could get together on a casual as and when basis and our town would soon look great again.



  1. SueMay says:

    If the Council have downed tools then its only fair to mail us all and put it to us to ‘ arrange ‘ some weeding ourselves. .?

  2. Just have a bit of pride what is up with people

  3. Barry says:

    I agree if we all looked after are own little patch the hole town would look better.

    Remember we are now starting to see a lot more tourism in our town, this is vital for local people and buisness alike to have a sustainable future,look around you it doesn’t take long for a vibrant town to shows signs of recession and empty shops.

    We have a great town that people love to come and see and enjoy we just need to appreciate it and look after it

  4. Millie says:

    Population of Yemen will be wiped out of the end of this year, the Sudanese population under attack from their own government and a human rights abomination on the US border. But sure, yeah, let’s moan about weeds on the pavements.

    • Barry says:

      Taken slightly out of context I think

    • CB says:

      Irrelevant reply!!!
      More problems nearer home like hungry kids in crewe!
      He is only asking if we can rydy our patch, not solve world peace!!

      Barry, sorted my gutter but leaving the verges for the insects and birds to feed on!!

    • Chris says:

      Having pride in the area I live and the community in general does not mean I do not care deeply about world affairs. It seems somebody always has to misinterpret things. Thankfully I am capable of being concerned about local issues AND world affairs at the same time.

  5. J Gibbs says:

    If you want the Council to provide better services, you’re going to have to pay for them – like everything in life, costs go up year on year. As Chris has rightly said, if residents showed a bit of pride & did a bit of self help, the area would look a lot smarter. I weeded the area outside my house last weekend, it took ten minutes & looks a lot tidier.

  6. JM says:

    Have a look at the welcome to Nantwich Floral town sign near to the vets on Crewe road what a joke ! & the aqueduct on welsh row yet another disgrace . What do Cheshire East do with all the money that’s generated from council tax & business rates?
    Nantwich would certainly win a prize for the most weeds in a town 2019

    • Kevin says:

      Spend it on social care in crewe I guess. Business rates go directly to the government I think.

      Let’s all take 5 mins to scrape the weeds and debris in front of our own houses and keep Nantwich looking great

  7. Frank Waite says:

    Shameful, We have all become bone idle, years ago everyone cleared their own paths and road gutters of weeds, it only takes a few minutes to brush up.

    What are kids being taught by this? Just leave it to someone else!!

  8. Gary Madders says:

    If you do this the waste is not classed as garden waste, therefore you have to pay to dump it at the tip. So go figure, you do the councils work and they charge you for the privilege.

    • Chris says:

      Surely clearing a few weeds does not produce that much stuff that would not go in the brown bin.

  9. Andrew says:

    Council waste money on things like Pride in the Park while services they are meant to provide goto pot. Disgraceful. They’ve even now told the contractors to reduce the frequency they cut the grass.

  10. Tim Dobson says:

    My council tax increases year on year, yet services decrease year on year. Where’s the money go? Ineptitude can only explain it so far.

  11. Geoffrey Stockton says:

    Nantwich in bloom but not after leaving the town centre more like weeds in bloom

    • SueMay says:

      I agree. The Weeds are prominent and spoil the look of the Town. Nantwich in Weedbloom. ! How about having a Weed free as well as plastic free Town !

  12. Geoffrey Stockton says:

    Been doing my gutters for over 49years agree it is a mess for visitors to see

    • Chris says:

      Great Geoffrey. It is obvious it is going to be down to volunteers if we are going to make a difference to the town’s appearance.

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