MOT testing - pic by (U.S. Air Force photo/TSgt. Christopher A. Campbell)

New research shows 32% of vehicles in Cheshire and North West are failing the new MOT tests.

Yet, the 68% pass rate is one of the highest in the UK, according to the study by breakdown cover provider Green Flag.

The new tests were brought in a year ago in May 2018 and the research has established where the most dangerous vehicles are in the UK.

Under new MOT regulations, there are new failure and fault categories, as well as stricter limits for emissions and additions to the MOT checks.

The three new failure categories are minor, major and dangerous.

If a car fails with a dangerous result, it is illegal to drive on the roads.

Under the new MOT rules, drivers could be fined up to £2,500 if they are driving a car without a valid MOT.

Of the 30,488,960 MOT tests taken nationwide, 10,001,293 (33%) of these were fails and 20,487,667 (67%) were passes.

Of these, 2,817,967 (9%) vehicles yielded dangerous results and 9,095,989 (44%) yielded major results.

Motorbikes fared better than cars under new MOT tests, with 83% of motorbikes passing, and only 17% failing.

By comparison, only 67% of cars passed new MOT tests.

The most dangerous cars on the road in the UK include the South West (38%), Wales (35%), and Scotland (35%).

Meanwhile, the safest motors are those in the capital, as the highest pass rate for the new MOT test was Greater London 71%

Mark Newbery at Green Flag said: “Drivers should be aware of the risks of driving a faulty car.

“It not only endangers other motorists, but drivers and their passengers alike. Problems with vehicles will only worsen if not seen to, costing more money in the long run.

“We are urging drivers to thoroughly check their cars and repair any problems immediately, to give them the best chance of passing the new MOT tests.”

(pic under creative commons by MOT testing by TSgt. Christopher A. Campbell)

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