flooding in Nantwich

Heavy rain for last 24 hours has caused flooding chaos across South Cheshire with roads, homes and businesses hit.

Fire crews and police have been called out to dozens of incidents caused by flood waters across Nantwich and Crewe.

At around 11am today, two children and a dog were rescued from a property on Shrewbridge Road in Nantwich after the River Weaver burst its banks and flooded a property.

Busy roads including the A51 London Road and the A530 Whitchurch Road in Nantwich were hit by flooding as the River Weaver burst its banks.

Welsh Row in Nantwich has also been closed, with venues like Nakatchas flooded.

The Environment Agency has issued Flood Warnings along various stretches of the River Weaver, including at Lakeside View in Nantwich, Nantwich Riverside, and Shrewbridge Lodge.

flooding shrewbridge road 3
flooding Shrewbridge Road

Weaver Navigation at Winsford and the Weaver at Anderton are also under a Flood Warning.

Audlem Fire crews said a number of local roads remain closed due to large quantities of rainfall over the past 24 hours and urged drivers not to drive through flood waters.

Highways closed Coole Lane / Shrewbridge Road / French Lane in Nantwich due to high water levels on both Nantwich Lake and adjacent to River Weaver.

Wrinehill near the junction with Main Road in Wybunbury was flooded and impassible under four feet of water, and vehicles were seen stranded.

Marsh Lane in Nantwich was also hit by flooding with traffic not able to pass.

Fire crews were also called to three properties in Edleston at around 9.40am on Marsh Lane, Edleston.

Fire crews received reports of flooding severely affecting three properties. The water, around 12 inches deep, was pumped out by firefighters.

And in Audlem, fire crews were called to a property in Salford where water was pumped out of a house and in the garden by firefighters who continued to monitor the water levels.

(pics courtesy of Nantwich News readers including Jonathan White, Cheshire fire and rescue)

welsh row flooding in nantwich - pic by Jonathan White

wood street in crewe flooding

flooding in nantwich
flooding in Nantwich
pic by Andy Marshall - Wybunbury
pic by Andy Marshall – flooding in Wybunbury
flooding at joey the swan in wistaston
flooding at joey the swan in Wistaston
shrewbridge road flooding 2
Weaver burst its banks at Shrewbridge Road


  1. Mea culpa.

  2. Bloody Brexit… just one problem after another

  3. That flood defences have been built clearly indicted the housing is on a flood vulnerable area, irrespective of the size of the flood plain. Planning stupidity is alive and well

  4. Do we have any old photos available showing people using boats on Welsh Row half a century ago?

  5. It’s “plane” to see that “Spellcheck” doesn’t help when we have floods!

    • Chris B are you aware that some people are dyslexic and your comment is unkind. A spell checker would not pick this up.

      • Totally agree who gives a monkey if it’s plain or plane but if you are going to criticise get your facts straight. The actual spelling is flood plain so in fact Tom was correct and Chris B was incorrect. Check out Imagehttps://en.oxforddictionaries.com › f…
        Web results
        floodplain | Definition of floodplain in English by Oxford Dictionaries
        noun. An area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly of river sediments and subject to flooding. … ‘By following the contour lines on an Ordnance Survey map it is clear that the vast majority of the land area is above the flood plain.’

  6. Perhaps because the FLOOD plane now has got houses on it that we have floods in the town? There is no flood plane any longer!! The water that used to fill the flood plane has been forced into the town because there is no where else for it to go. It’s a man made problem?

    • I think the new houses are adjacent to the flood plain. Not in the flood plain. Planning can’t allow building in designated flood plains.

      • Fields absorb water and release it slowly into the river. Concrete doesn’t do this. Even if they’re not on the flood plain, they will have increased the run off. I’m still astounded that new building was permitted on those fields. I think there had been a similar problem in Stone a few years back.

  7. Micky Rourke says:

    All the new houses behind the Nantwich ground football were built on a flood plain -ONE ASSUMES THEY WERE TOLD WHEN THE PURCHASED THEM?? – Welcome to your new boats everyone….

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