James Nicholls of South Cheshire harriers

South Cheshire Harriers runner James Nicholls shone bright in the Alsager 5 race.

He was one of 91 from the Harriers club to take part in one of the most prestigious road races in the years’ calendar.

The Alsager 5 mile is also the inaugural race to the NSRRA Championships, and is notoriously fast-paced.

And Nicholls continued his perfect form for the beginning of the year, completing the coveted ground in 27:53 as first male back for the Harriers.

Jonathan Slaney was next in 29:15 and David Morris closely behind him in 29:45.

Lana Davidson was the first female Harrier home in 36:45.

Also competing were; Sean Dyer (30:12), Pete Mallison (30:20), Andy Twiss (30:56), James Simpson (31:07), John Putt (32:15), John Spurrier (32:39), Mark Beckett (33:08), Mark Barnes (33:26), Ivor Twiss (33:36), Andrew Growcott (34:22), Brett Smart (34:00), Simon Turner (34:48), Steve Harrison (35:09), Anthony Wright (35:12), Steve Atherton (35:41), Darren Beach (35:43), Peter Jones (35:36), David Kivlin (36:26), Claire Harrison (36:52), Keith Spurrier (37:05), James Kelleher (37:09), Danielle Kenny (37:15), David Nimmo (37:16), Charlie Rowlands (37:33), Suzanne Dale (37:39), James Huxley (37:45), Richard Cherrington (37:58), Terry Barker (37:58), Katharine Coton (38:22), Clive Heathcock (38:21), Daniel Evans (38:31), Suzanne Lynn (38:47), Gill Gibbons (39:06), Cathy Atherton (39:10), Lindsay Morris (39:25), Claire Kivlin (39:27), Robin Smith (39:33), Mark Taylor (39:36), Sadie Prince (39:54), Andy Hughes (39:58), Ian Royal (40:13), Phil Cliff (40:17), Norman Hindle (40:25), Kerry Podmore (40:42), Sharna Gallagher (40:43), Elinor Steele (41:22), Dennis Robinson (41:34), Matthew Yeomans (41:47), Joanne Share (41:49), Rachel Tatlock (42:01), Nikki Casey (42:19), Simon Walker (43:43), Kimberley Smart (43:29), Les Tams (44:22), Kate Greenall (44:30), Jayne Cartwright (44:31), Peter Harries (45:19), Sarah Bate (46:04), Rachel Beach (46:36), Emma Spurrier (46:47), Helen Nightingale (47:22), Joanna Wright (47:47), Diane Mason (48:36), Victoria Eccleston (49:06), Amy Cartwright (50:29), Zoe Ahearne (50:29), Colin Earp (51:00), Dawn Whalley (50:58), Emma Salt (51:16), Micheline Tremblay (53:20), Karly Harris (53:16), Chrissy Barrow (54:02), Sherrie Brereton (53:35), Rebecca IÔÇÖanson (54:46), Emma Hickson (54:47), Nicky Welch (55:24), Sharon Arnold (55:28), Simon Tomkinson (55:46), Emma Tonkinson (57:45),Angela Culshaw (57:55), Angela Twiss (59:12), Neil Coe (1:00:36), Claire Jones (1:04:02), Zoe Buckley (1:04:03), Lindsey Ankers (1:07:18), Gemma Park (1:10:06) and Amanda Yeomans (1:10:07).

Most participants are now training for the club’s annual Easter Sunday 10k which takes place on Sunday April 12.

The race HQ and car park is based at the old MMU Crewe site, with the race starting at 9.30am from Electra Way.

Anyone interested in entering can do so via my.raceresult.com

The race is only £15 to enter, plus admin fee.

(Main pic of winning Harrier James Nicholls – credit Bryan Dale)

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