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A campaign to impose a 20mph speed limit on most residential streets across Cheshire East is gathering pace.

Cheshire East Council is due to discuss proposals for extending the limit on many more roads in May.

Cheshire East branch of the campaign group “20’s Plenty” say residents have been enjoying “an unexpected bonus” of the Coronavirus lockdown with much quieter roads where people can exercise and cycle in peace.

David Mayers, spokesperperson for “20’s Plenty” in Cheshire East, says: “The benefits of such a change would be considerable.

“Less traffic congestion, safer streets with fewer and less serious accidents, healthier children who will enjoy the freedom to safely cycle and walk everywhere, and calmer neighbourhoods with less stress and fear – especially for older and vulnerable residents.

“Over a third of the UK population – including in Cheshire West and the whole of Wales – already enjoy these advantages.

“And the cost of introducing such a scheme is estimated at just £1 million, or about £3 per person.

“The Cheshire Crime and Police commissioner supports the initiative, as do many health experts – and it would save the NHS and the emergency services a fortune in fewer call-outs and trips to A & E.

“If you think it would be good for Cheshire East residents too then contact your local C.E councillors – find their names at“.

For more information about the campaign on 20mph speed limits go to:

(Pic by Albert Bridge creative commons licence)


  1. John says:

    Take a look at the Government commissioned (Atkins) report (Nov 2018) into the effectiveness of 20 mph limits in urban areas.
    In the 12 areas of the country where the 20 mph limit was introduced, “there is insufficient evidence to conclude that
    there has been a significant change in collisions and casualties following the introduction of 20mph limits in
    residential areas. However I would not object to the introduction of 20 mph limit outside schools at entry and exiting times only, not in the middle of the night.
    Spending huge amounts of money on a scheme that has been shown to have no effect is a waste, money could be spent in more useful ways.

  2. J C Clowes says:

    This is an interesting proposal that claims levels of benefits that have not yet been substantiated in some of the more recent studies commissioned by Government.
    There are clearly benefits that may be realised but where 20mph limits have been implemented, the median speed has fallen by just under 1mph, and perceptions remain that traffic speeds haven’t altered significantly.

    Interestingly a further study commissioned by the Public Health & Primary Care Unit in 2017 has also been asked to look into this subject and is due to punish its results in September 2020. This discussion is therefore somewhat premature and if CEC is considering spending £1m of taxpayers money on this project, we all need to be confident that the decision is made based on the most up-to-date research designed for the purpose and that examines and quantifies all potential benefits to health and well-being. (In addition, investment needs to be based on sound measurable outcomes rather than theoretical aspirations.
    In short, before we spend £1m we need robust evidence that the benefits truly are worth the expense

  3. James says:

    What a waste of 1 million pounds! The idiots who fly down Queens Drive and Marsh Lane with never have any respect for local residents and associated speed limits. It needs the police to actually do their job!

    • Paul Weaver says:

      Queens Drive is full of speedbumps. You might think they are potholes, but presumably they are deliberately put in

  4. Mrs B Smith says:

    It would be great and absolutely essential if Hind Heath Road Wheelock was made 20. Like a race track all day

  5. Sue Bradley says:

    Great idea, our narrow road could certainly do with it since the new housing off Queens drive there has been an increase in traffic who seem to regard the speed bumps as a challenge.

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