British Airways protest in Crewe

Local British Airways workers gathered in Nantwich to protest over the company’s bid to fire its workforce and rehire those who “survive on inferior contracts”.

Staff and Union chiefs from Unite called on Crewe & Nantwich MP Kieran Mullan’s support in fighting the company’s plan.

MPs from across the political divide are calling for a review of landing and take-off slots in response to BA’s project fire and rehire.

More than 150 MPs have signed a pledge calling for government action.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson emailed BA staff in June stating that: “Employers should not be using taxpayer’s money through the furlough scheme to cynically keep them on their books only to fire them or attack their terms on conditions.”

A recent poll revealed the British public backs tough action against British Airways over its ‘fire and rehire’ plans.

A survey which included 1,219 BA passengers across the UK revealed 69% believed the government should review the UK’s current arrangements on landing slots, with 76% of Conservative voters backing a review.

Unite executive officer Sharon Graham said: “Boris Johnson’s words of support for BA staff and his talk of ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ is empty rhetoric unless the Government acts.

“There must be consequences for British Airways’ decision to press ahead with its plans to fire and rehire its workforce in the middle of the worst health crisis in a century.

“BA staff and constituents want to see action from Kieran Mullan.

“Public anger is growing and many MPs from across the political divide are already calling for a review of landing and take-off slots in response to BA’s project fire and rehire.

“Why isn’t Kieran Mullan?

“There should be consequences to BA’s actions. The company is essentially creating an unrecognisable airline – it should not automatically control over half the landing slots at Heathrow.

“It is simply wrong for BA to have privileged access to landing slots while its workforce is sacrificed for the benefit of shareholders.

“Boris Johnson needs to take back control from BA and fight for British jobs.”

Dr Mullan told Nantwich News today that he felt BA “have behaved appallingly”.

He added: “The Transport Select Committee were spot on in calling them out. I have written to BA and I am finding out who key ethical shareholders are to pressure them.

“I think both the landing slots and flag carrier status should be looked at.

“If in any way there is an expectation of decent behaviour for these advantages then I don’t see why BA should continue to hold them.”

In a statement replying to Unite’s criticism, the company said: “It is disappointing that a company doing everything it can to save jobs is being singled out by Unite for national criticism, when jobs are being lost across the country in every industry.

“If staff accept the changes to the way they work or their terms and conditions, we expect to be able to save more jobs.”

British Airways workers in Crewe

British Airways workers in Crewe

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