Sajid Javid visits Whitby Morrison in Crewe - ice cream vans

A Government Minister is to push to end tariffs on exported ice cream vans made by South Cheshire firm Whitby Morrison.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is to seek an end to a 5% tariff on the vans which can cost up to £80,000.

Crewe-based Whitby Morrison, the largest manufacturer of ice cream vans in the UK, is renown as a world leader and exports to countries across the globe including US, Australia and Japan.

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan called on the Government to support the manufacturer in the upcoming trade negotiations.

The world leading ice cream van manufacturer, which has been operating in Crewe since 1962, was championed by Dr Mullan when he questioned the Government on the upcoming international trade negotiations.

In Parliament, Dr Mullan described the difficulties Whitby Morrison currently face: “They’re exporting their vans to more than 60 countries worldwide, but they still face considerable trade barriers.

“Can the secretary of state assure me that in trade talks with Japan, the US, Australia and other countries that we have ice cream vans on the list so we can back this great British export?”

Ms Truss replied: “I congratulate my honourable friend for his championing of this fantastic ice cream van business.

“They are indeed a great export and currently face tariffs of up to 5% with some of our negotiating partners and it’s something we will be looking at – removing those tariffs – as well as other tariffs as part of the trade deals we’re looking to strike.”

The Minister promised he Government will push to end tariffs on UK-made ice cream vans during the upcoming trade negotiations with the US, Australia and Japan.

Ed Whitby, operations director at Whitby Morrison, which employs 40 people and makes between 80 and 90 vans a year, told the BBC: “Around the world we’re known in this country for the quality of of our manufacturing and it’s nice that the government recognises this.”


  1. David Powell says:

    Mind boggling hypocrisy from Mr Mullan and Liz Truss. Their government proposes a clause in an Act of Parliament enabling it to break international law – and undermine the Belfast/GoodFriday Agreement. This would guarantee a collapse in any trade deal with the EU, – the biggest market for UK manufacturing, – and maximum level of tariffs and more important none -tarrif barriers for UK manufacturing’s biggest market and supplier of parts etc. By joining pariah nations that rip up treaties, and deny the rule of law, -Russia in Ukraine, China in Hong Kong and so on, the UK’s moral authority is shot through. We are struggling to replicate deals we already had when we were were EU members, – This demonstrates a shameless deceitfulness and untrustworthyness in our government . The consequence for prestige, reputation soft power and rge capacirt to fulfill promises to industry are enormous and long term. The price for behaving in such a reckless and cavalier way over Ireland, renders the chance of any US deal as nil. Please Mr Mullan, Mr Timpson, distance yourselves from such reckless disreputable lawlessness, these are not conservative values….an Englishman’s word is his bond?

  2. Bob says:

    Bit of a stretch to say ‘ they make them ‘ they take a German van and put an Italian Whippy machine in it .

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