spitting incident police probe welsh row

Police want to trace an elderly man after an alleged spitting incident on Welsh Row which has left a Nantwich woman badly shaken.

Victim Sophie King said the man leaned in to her car window and “spat in my face several times” after she had asked him to move away.

The man then walked away towards Marsh Lane before police arrived after she had raised the alarm.

The incident, which happened at around 4.10pm yesterday (October 29), has left Sophie worrying about catching Covid-19 virus.

“I’m disgusted at what he did,” she said.

“I’m still shocked someone 70+ of age would do something so disgusting, I just hope I don’t actually get Covid.

“I know he must be local to just walk off and then disappear from the police.

“I’m just glad I controlled my anger or else I would have done something too.”

The incident happened when they got into a dispute about Sophie parking on Welsh Row, just past the junction with Marsh Lane.

“I parked on the road and a bit on the pavement dropping my girlfriend off,” said Sophie.

“There was plenty of room to get past the car on the pavement, a double pram could have got passed on the pavement.

“When he came over he shouted I was inconsiderate because of how I parked, but even the police said when they came there was plenty of room.”

A Cheshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating an allegation of assault which occurred on Welsh Row in Nantwich.

“At around 4pm on 29 October a woman sitting in a car was in a verbal altercation with a male pedestrian. He is then said to have spat at her.

“Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting IML 839173.”

(Image courtesy of Google Street Maps)


  1. What an awful incident – and on Welsh Row of all places!

    It’s terrible that an altercation should escalate so much and culminate in such a horrendous alleged assault. One would hope that in these stressful times, tolerance and empathy would prevail – but this seems to have got out of hand and brought out the worst.

    Best wishes to the alleged victim and her friend (with whom she’s presumably in a social bubble). I hope that she tests negative for COVID-19 and recovers quickly from the obvious stress of the incident.

    An angry, spitting, COVID-19 positive old man is the last thing we need in Nantwich, and I hope they get him.

  2. No ones perfect says:

    There are always two sides to a story. Spitting is abhorrent and disgusting, and there is no excuse for that if it happened. But there is also no excuse for parking on the pavement no matter how much room you were supposed to have left. What if a mobility scooter tried to get past, or if a blind person was trying to walk past – pavements are not for parking on, yet there is no reason for verbal abuse and spitting.

    Both parties are at fault here, and only one side of the story has been told, and begs the question why would the car driver want to publicise their motoring offence instead of letting the police deal with the matter?

    • Sophie king says:

      Well if you want facts, I didn’t park on the pavement I pulled up to drop someone off which takes 2 minutes which isn’t an illegal offence, also there was enough room for anyone or anything to get past, baring in mind I have a brother in a wheelchair I do consider other people all the time. I didn’t move my car until the police came and they even said there was more than enough room for people/chairs to get past and the fact a bike went past my car on the pavement shows there was:) and yes there is two sides to story’s so let’s hope he comes forward and tells his side of the story.

      • Yes, but driving on the pavement is an offence snd the Police should tell you so! There is plenty of room on this toad to park on it so while not in any way supporting spitting or abuse, you would do well to stop using the pavement as an extension to the road

    • Exactly. Two offences here admittedly one being worse than the other. The moral – don’t spit and don’t drive it park on pavements – they are not for the convenience of vehicle owners

  3. des thorley says:

    folk are getting nasty, its the stress of it all, wicked man

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