litter picker girls in stapeley

Two big-hearted Stapeley youngsters made the most of their half-term – by collecting bags of litter across their estate.

Millie Leeson and Lexie Newman, both eight years old and pupils at Pear Tree Primary School, took matters into their own hands when they saw the mess left behind by others.

They were out playing at the start of half-term and noticed how much litter was in the “Orchard” nature area of their estate.

So they decided they wanted to clean it up to make it look nicer – and to prevent animals and birds coming to harm.

In just five days they collected several full bags of litter.

They even created their own “litter picker girls” t-shirts.

Millie’s dad Pete said: “They went out everyday over half term in all weather, the rain didn’t stop them at all, and filled a whole bin bag each day.

“They mostly picked up bottles, sweet wrappers and crisp packets but did find and old set of headphones.

“They have been going out in all weather rain included – and coming home wet and muddy – and have filled a bin bag every day.

“They decided to do this them selves which did surprise me to be honest.”
litter picker girls


  1. Will get worse when all these new houses are built. Disappointed in our new MP allowing this to slip through. He should spent more time on his Westminster responsibilties that we pay him for and less time trying to carry on with his old job.

  2. What a lovely, kind, thoughtful and wonderful thing to do. Well done girls.

  3. well done, however a volunteer went out yesterday and got two big bags filled, so in just days it is getting worse. They mentioned on Facebook to parents especially those with teens to be sure to bin not lob and go, and you wouldn’t believe the abusive comments posted “Why do you think it was kids”? duh it’s a play park. “Litter has been with us for 2,000 years” was another feeble post!! eating and walking is a recent problem, as years ago we all ate at home. Yes we have had litter but certainly not the same as 2000 years ago, some folk are plan thick, lazy and tardy

    • Yes that is the problem with social media, no one is taking any personal responsibility any more, try running it by someone alive today who was in the last wars, they would be shocked at the character today. There is a certain anger or selfishness which, has become the default position in recent years, with all age groups dipping in.
      This type of rage is happening continuously all over the place, that seems to be a place we’ve arrived at in Western society.
      For example it’s a guy using a car as a weapon, It’s people going crazy in a supermarket over toilet rolls.
      Littering the streets, beaches and parks, then walking away from your litter whilst camping is the norm
      Everywhere is not like it used to be, we are off to hell on a handcart

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