plastic and waste around nantwich lake

Environmental group Sustainable Nantwich is calling on residents to look beyond Covid and continue the campaign to become plastic free.

The group, which took the town to Plastic Free Town status last year, is hosting an online session on Wednesday February 17 at 6pm.

The virtual session will be a talk with Chester-based climate change strategy expert Niall MacFadyen.

Niall will be making the links between a plastic free future, consumerism, pollution and climate change – with a real focus on what the public can do about it.

Everyone is welcome by following this link on the night – Sustainable Nantwich expert talk.

Sustainable Nantwich founder Emilie Janman said Covid had “woken people up to the fragility of life on Earth”.

She added: “A winter of heavy rain has seen homes in Nantwich under water as the Weaver broke its banks yet again.

“Increasing weather extremes are becoming increasingly costly.

“Worldwide millions are being made homeless becoming desperate climate refugees.

“And Covid has been a wake-up call. Our addiction to consuming everything on the planet has opened up Pandora’s box.

“But Captain Tom has shown that the spirit of community, service and love, supported by the science, can win out.

“We have to come together again.”

The group also warned last summer how the town was “drowning” in plastic and litter, which had increased during the lockdown.

Niall will be talking about the solutions and what can be done in Cheshire.

He said: “While it can all seem a bit overwhelming there is a real drive to take action to protect the planet for future generations.

“With the UK hosting the United Nation’s international climate change conference this year, there is at last hope that humanity is coming together to change course.

“Here in Cheshire there are a whole host of exciting initiatives from creating a hotspot for a Hydrogen fuelled economy, putting farming centre stage in cutting carbon emissions, through to harnessing the energy of local communities to take action.

“Things really are coming together – but we have to keep up the pressure.”

Sustainable Nantwich has joined the The Cheshire East Climate Alliance to ensure that people’s voices are amplified through a joint action across Cheshire East.

The event is on Zoom, Meeting ID: 967 3483 0345, Passcode: 238240


  1. B jones says:

    I wonder how you can measure plastic free as years ago we had far less with Terry washable and no disposable nappies no bottles of drink it was glass which you paid a deposit on returned when you brought bottle back fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper not plastic bottles, endless. If the streets only are awash with plastic then it is the lazy not the regular folk The only change will ever come is when government ban all plastic then will be a day to say Nantwich is plastic free not yet

  2. tom whatson says:

    Drowning in litter, you havin a laugh?
    Apart from the brilliant volunteers who clear vast areas, Ansa themselves are on duty first thing in the morning to clear “Party Time” from the streets and parks early.
    Don’t forget the pubs and eateries are closed, so the open spaces have been trashed
    If they get messy later that’s down to personal laziness If a bin cannot be found.
    Some eateries have a bin left for customers, some however don’t see it as their concern and don’t, that is why some areas were messy

  3. Jed Stone says:

    Really need to take issue here, fact check

    Quote ;The group also warned last summer how the town was “drowning” in plastic and litter, which had increased during the lockdown.

    There was a solution found, and it was by Nantwich Litter Action volunteers who collected over 1,000 bags of litter, which included plastics

    I think you will find we were not actually drowning in litter in 2020 at all, too many volunteers were out picking, but then too many people were not taking responsibility and carting their litter back home later

    These mixed bags of litter are then taken to be sorted and the plastics and tins and glass recycled

    they just need to be in a bin not a hedge!

    • Mark Hawthorne says:

      But come on Jed – a volunteer action group to collect litter isn’t a solution, it’s a sticking plaster on the wound. If the town wasn’t drowning in litter – to which anyone taking a daily walk around the streets and parks will attest – an action group wouldn’t be necessary. I collect litter on my daily walk and the very next day, there’s more.

      Everyone in another thread is demanding historic Welsh Row is protected and enhanced by the development on St Anne’s Lane but litter is everywhere on this road and the council have no interest in replacing bins and actually cleaning the streets adequately. All power to the litter collectors but your “fact checking” is simply a denial of the truth: the town has become something of a tip during lockdown and it’s only a few local people who aren’t providing a real solution, they are simply trying to avoid it drowning.

  4. Gareth Jones says:

    How on earth is Nantwich a “Plastic Free Town”?

    The local litter picking group, “Nantwich Litter Action” has picked an estimated eight tons of litter in the last 12 months – & most of that was plastic of one sort or another!

    Whilst I fully agree that plastic is a major issue that needs urgent addressing, calling the town “Plastic Free” when it is clearly nothing of the sort is simply disingenuous.

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