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Dear Editor,

Do you want to be sure your historic Parish remains unique and intact?

If so, you need to support your Parish Councils now.

Consultation on the Cheshire East plans to amalgamate and/or absorb Parishes into our towns is imminent.

These proposals may well cost you more in council tax and will most certainly result in the loss of your local identity.

Conservative Councillors support the opportunity of local referendums to determine these changes and we will stand with our Parish colleagues and residents but ask that you also step up and make your voice heard along with us.


Cllr Liz Wardlaw
Cheshire East Council

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  1. Martin Bond says:

    Just because it has always been there isn’t a good reason for it to remain. The world changes, and we need to change to meet it. Where parishes on the edge of towns have been built over (often to provide the parish with extra income from council tax) it is difficult to argue that it then has a distinct character, it’s just become another suburb.
    This isn’t to say that there is an automatic case for amalgamation, but that case can’t be made by emotional appeals to history and unsubstantiated claims of increased taxes.

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